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How Far Behind Do I Need to Be to File Bankruptcy? – Jay

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“Dear Steve, Live in Colorado, it’s the usual situation where there have been cut backs at work (outsourcing rrrr) and we are we will begin to fall short on CC payments by our calculations. We estimate maybe $ 200 probably depending on the sequester and barring other fun surprises and stuff. I much do you have to be short a ... Read More »

    How to Know if You Should File Bankruptcy


    If you are in financial trouble and struggling to make payments, tapped out, you’ve spent down savings, or living month-to-month, then bankruptcy is worth a good hard look. Below you will find a number of links to posts, articles, and calculators to help educate you about the realities of bankruptcy. Many people carry a lot of baggage around about what ... Read More »

      Would Filing for Bankruptcy Be Best Thing for Us? – Mary

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      “Dear Steve, We were in need of some money to pay our rent that we got behind on after our son died in 2011, when he passed he had no insurance and it was a struggle to come up with the money for his funeral. we have been struggling with all our bills after his death and have not been ... Read More »

        Should I Declare Bankruptcy or Wait Four Years? – Lisa

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        “Dear Steve, I used to make $140k, but then got divorced and lost my job. We had over $100k in credit card debt. My husband already declared BK but I haven’t for fear it would reduce my employability. My debt went delinquent 9/09 so I have already put in 3 years and they will fall off my credit in four ... Read More »

          I Don’t Want to File Bankruptcy. I Think Bankruptcy is the Last Thing to Consider. – Lester

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          “Dear Steve, I have been jobless for over 6 months now and have used up my savings to continually pay my credit card debts. My wife is the only one working right now. Since we have used up our savings we can no longer keep up to date with our monthly obligations from mortgage, credit cards and student loans, not ... Read More »

            How to File Bankruptcy Yourself

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            Here is an overview about how to file bankruptcy yourself and what to expect. Businesses must have a lawyer or attorney to register a bankruptcy case. Individuals, can, may represent themselves in bankruptcy court. While people can file a bankruptcy case without a attorney or “pro se,” it is seriously difficult to do it competently. It is particularly important that ... Read More »

              Should We File Bankruptcy? – Rosi

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              Currently, my husband and I are down to 1 income after I was laid off 3 years ago. We live in Southern california…where cost of living is high. Our annual salary is approx $45K. Due to my lack of work, and some bad spending choices over the years, we have accrued 50K in unsecured credit card debt. We at this ... Read More »

                Can I File Bankruptcy for My Mother With Dementia? – Vincent

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                “Dear Steve, Father passed away 10 years ago, mom getting very up in age (over 90) moved to florida after dad passed away to help mom out – live with her and we share expenses to make house run. I became my mom’s legal power of attorney and health care surrogate a few years ago because mom was developing dementia. ... Read More »

                  I Live in Arizona and Would Like to File Bankruptcy Myself. – Jodi

                  “Dear Lewis, I foreclosed on my Condo. Paid $255k, and it auctioned off for 87k. Sad. I then lost my job which paid 68k per year. I’ve used up all my savings, all my 401k monies, have 3 months left on unemployment before I will have NO income to speak of except Food Stamps @ $200 per month. I currently ... Read More »

                    Can I Go Bankrupt Again in Reno? – Roman

                    “Dear Lewis, I went bankrupt 6 1/2 yrs ago.. My wife has been ill and has had 4 major surgeries in the past 3yrs…I owe thousands of dollare in medical. Can I go bankrupt again. Please help. when can i go bankrupt again.I live in Reno,Nevada Roman” Dear Roman, I assume you filed a chapter 7 last time. So you ... Read More »

                      I Heard You Cam File Bankruptcy For Free. How Do We Do That? – Ruby

                      “Dear Lewis, Both my mother and I have some outstanding bill’s. She is only working 4 days a week and food stamp’s. I am on unemployment and food stamp’s as well. My mother’s 2 main bill’s are an outstanding car payment and a loan payment. My outstanding bill is a loan payment. What our question is , is do we ... Read More »

                        I’m Not Behind on My Credit Cards. Can I File Bankruptcy Now? – Laura

                        “Dear Lewis, I have about $19000 in credit card debt (from about a decade of use in college etc.) About $6000 of that is from a transfer balance to consolidate my credit card debt. Now the year of no interest is up and the bill has skyrocketed to an amount I cannot pay. I also have student loans and a ... Read More »

                          Is ZMT Processing and DebtorAid.com a Scam?


                          “Dear Steve, I have a lot of credit card debt and no way to pay them. I also have no money for a lawyer. I have been unemployed for almost a year, and my payment is due on Friday. I have 300.00 to my name. I am trying to do a bankrupcy on my own. (chapter 7) I found a ... Read More »

                            If Bankruptcy is a Smart Move for Borders. Why Do People Needlessly Add Stigma to Personal Bankruptcy?

                            photo © 2008 Ruthanne Reid | more info (via: Wylio)So the big bookstore Borders filed for bankruptcy today. It always surprises me that consumers place such stigma on personally filing for bankruptcy but when companies do it they are applauded for doing the right thing to keep the company going. Border president Mike Edwards said, “It has become increasingly clear ... Read More »

                              I’ve Been Thinking About Bankruptcy. – Bob

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                              “Dear Steve, My wife and I have accrued about 90,000 in credit card debt over the past 4-5 years and the more we pay the more we seem to owe. I need help to determine my best route to get out of this debt, I have been thinking about bankruptcy Bob” Dear Bob, I think this guide, “The Honest and ... Read More »

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