New Bankruptcy Forms Make It Easier to File Without an Attorney

Now don’t get me wrong, there is no substitute for the experience, knowledge, and wisdom of an experienced bankruptcy attorney. But for decades people have been filing out their own bankruptcy petitions, because they can. The forms were not geared for the average person to easily figure out. On December 1, 2015 the bankruptcy forms … Read more

Can I File Bankruptcy With No Income Coming In? – Ann

“Dear Lewis, Massive student loans, went to grad school, and now can’t find a job in my field, theatre. 50,000 plus and rising, with interest adding up. Not employed at present, did the credit card thing for years, paid the minimum when I was employed at mostly low-paying jobs. Credit card debt about twenty five … Read more

Filing Bankruptcy Myself. DIY Bankruptcy Information. Pro Se Bankruptcy Videos.

I recently came across the following court videos for filing bankruptcy yourself and thought they were exceptionally truthful, informative, educational, and beneficial for everyone considering filing bankruptcy without an attorney or pro se. The videos apply to a bankruptcy district in North Carolina but they exemplify the potential pitfalls or problems people can face when … Read more