Need a bankruptcy attorney? Here’s how to find the right one

Not all bankruptcy attorneys are created equal. That’s not shocking: After all, the same could be said about finding help in any profession that requires expertise and training. But there are some things I would encourage you to look out for when you’re interviewing a bankruptcy attorney. Having worked with people to resolve problem debt … Read more

How to find and interview the bankruptcy attorney you will hire.

Not all bankruptcy attorneys are created equal. That is not shocking. The same could be said about finding help in any profession or job that requires expertise and training. That said, finding the right bankruptcy attorney for you is not something that should prove difficult for most of us. But there are some things I … Read more

How to Find a Great Bankruptcy Attorney

I’ve written some guides about all sorts of debt-related issues, but for some reason, I’ve never written one about how to find a great bankruptcy attorney. So here goes. Having lived through bankruptcy myself, I am very familiar with what I felt when searching for a bankruptcy attorney. It’s bad enough suffering in silence with … Read more

I Need to Find a Reputable and Affordable Bankruptcy Attorney. – Catherine

“Dear Steve, Please refer me to a reputable and affordable professional who will assist me with the process of a personal bankruptcy. I see no other way out. Catherine” Dear Catherine, See if these links help you with your search. The information below contains quite a bit of information about bankruptcy and what you can … Read more

How to Find a Great Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer or Attorney

So you might have decided that it’s time to investigate filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy and you need a lawyer or attorney. But how to find a great one? Finding a great chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer requires the same set of skills that finding a great doctor or dentist does. Here is how I think … Read more

How to Find a Bankruptcy Attorney In Your Area

It can be tough to find a good bankruptcy attorney. It is an unfortunate fact that some bankruptcy attorneys are not very honest in their dealings with clients. For this reason, you need to be careful to work only with a reputable bankruptcy attorney. The difference between a reputable bankruptcy attorney and a disreputable one … Read more

Bankruptcy Attorney Rochester, NY

Over the years we have helped quite a few consumers in Rochester NY to resolve their debt issues. Rarely will a consumer seek our assistance hoping that we determine they should file for bankruptcy. Typically it is the opposite that is true. Consumers come to us seeking a solution that will allow them to avoid … Read more

Boise Bankruptcy Attorney – Free Consultation

Many residents in Boise Idaho have a fear of filing for bankruptcy. This fear unfortunately prevents many consumers from speaking with a Licensed Boise Bankruptcy Attorney and getting the information they need to make a good financial decision. The reality is that most consumer fears about bankruptcy are actually not rooted in fact. Much of … Read more

Bankruptcy Attorney Raleigh, NC

Finding bankruptcy help in Raleigh, North Carolina is a relatively easier task to accomplish than you think it is. They city and neighboring areas have many competent, knowledgeable and friendly bankruptcy attorneys that can assist you with filing a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy both painlessly and affordably. If you are scared of filing … Read more

Bankruptcy Lawyers in Richmond, VA

If you are one of the thousands of Richmond Virginia residents who are currently struggling with large debt loads and trying to avoid a bankruptcy filing, there are several important things you need to know. Call At Least 2 Bankruptcy Lawyers In Richmond VA It is understandable that you may be searching for a solution … Read more

Bankruptcy Attorney, Madison, WI

Head downtown in Madison WI and like any major city in the United States you will find Bankruptcy Attorney offices all over the place. Even more so in recent years, they seem to be everywhere. However, the new year has brought some good news for residents of Madison but perhaps some worrisome news for the … Read more

How Do I Find a Good Bankruptcy Lawyer? – Shane

“Dear Lewis, Single income family of less than 40k. Been in debt most all of my adult life (40 yrs. old). Present credit card debt of about 43k and mortgage of about 60k. Great credit rating and current on all bills. No savings. No retirement. No future. Live week to week. Is bankruptcy an option … Read more

How Do I Find a Good Bankruptcy Attorney? – MariJa

“Dear Steve, I have written before and am considering bankruptcy. How do I know if I’ve found a good bankruptcy attorney? Is there a website where I can find reviews of attorneys? It seems that most people who submit reviews have a negative experience. I understand that there are people who have had positive experiences, … Read more

What to Do if You Don’t Like Your Bankruptcy Attorney?

What do you do if you don’t like your bankruptcy attorney? The US economy may have been beaten around a lot the last few years, but it’s still got one thing going for it: Freedom of choice. Whatever you but, whatever service you use, you have a choice. Coke® or Pepsi®.Toyota® or Ford®. The same … Read more