My Ex-Husband Screwed Me Over With My Student Loans

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Question: Dear Steve, I paid on consolidated student loans for 10 years religiously. My ex was very shady with money and never paid my loan off (he controlled the finances) as I demanded when we were married and I was making ridiculous $$. It was my goal to pay off 14k I graduated with in … Read more

If I Go Back to School Will That Create a Problem With My Defaulted Private Student Loan?

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Question: Dear Steve, I have a defaulted “signature” loan which I believe is a private student loan in the amount of $49,500, the principal amount is $23,600. I have received offers to settle the debt, paying much less. The last one was $3,546, however, it is still more money than I have to pay them. … Read more

Newly Released Documents Show Navient Intentionally Plotted to Drive Student Loan Debtors Into Harmful Forbearance

According to this post at the Student Borrower Protection Center, forbearance steering was Navient’s strategy. “In a June 2010 internal strategy memo written by a senior Navient executive, the company lays out its strategy for handling borrowers in distress. It’s clear from the memo that the company was VERY focused on protecting its bottom line, … Read more

Texas Guaranteed is Preventing Me for Getting Getting My Student Loans Forgiven as a Teacher

Question: Dear Steve, I have been a teacher since 1995. I have always worked for a title 1 school. I paid on my student loans for over 11 years (67k) after having the loans consolidated after the loss of my Dad where I had a to have a forbearance. So, I continued to pay under … Read more

I’m in a Debt Despair Over My Navient Student Loans and Need Advice

Question: Dear Steve, I recently discovered that my private student loan monthly payment increased by $150, from $330 a month to $450 a month. That’s about 40% of my monthly payment after taxes! I am freaking out, I can’t afford it! I have a master’s degree and I work at a nonprofit and living below … Read more

I Used Up All My Deferments and Forbearance and Can’t Afford My Private Student Loans

Question: Dear Steve, I took out both federal and private loans to go to a private undergraduate school. I wish I knew now what a terrible idea that was, but unfortunately, I had no guidance at the time besides my rich friends who said I could just take out loans, it would be fine. Even … Read more

I’m a Single Woman With Navient Student Loans Doubling in Forbearance

Question: Dear Steve, I’m a 43 single woman who made some terrible mistakes with my student loans. I’ve kept them current but they have been in forbearance a lot and now the interest has more than doubled what I owed to the tune of almost $150K. I’ve been trying to do the income based payments … Read more

I’m Headed for Retirement, Owe $345K on Student Loans I Can’t Afford, and I’m Afraid – Douglas

Question: Dear Steve, I’ve been getting forbearances forever on this loan. I think it is a federal (not private) student loan. And now the balance is up over $345,000. I am 62 years old. At some point I will no longer qualify for a forbearance. How can I avoid my nightmare: the government garnishes my … Read more

Who is Reputable to Help Me Get My Student Loans Forgiven? – Bella

Question: Dear Steve, I graduated in 2007 with $90,000 in loans… since then i have been having babies and working very minimum and my loans were in forbearance. Now they are $160,000 and completely unaffordable. I cant even cover the monthly interest rate at this point let alone the actual loan. Do you know of … Read more

7 Student Loan Terms to Know to Save the Most Money

While applying for and receiving student loans is easier than in years past, many students sign up for heavy debt burdens without familiarizing themselves with important loan terms. Without knowing basic terminology, students are unable to competitively shop for loans, and choose the one that works best for them. Here are a few key terms … Read more

Ticking Student Loan Time Bomb One Step Closer to Exploding

A recent TransUnion study has revealed that more than half of student loan accounts are in deferred status, where the repayment of the principal and interest of the loan is temporarily delayed. In my experience the primary reason people do this is when the full student loan payments are unaffordable and they need falsely perceived … Read more

Mortgage Problems? Facing Foreclosure? Prepare to be Scammed.

The millions of desperate homeowners who have found themselves upside down and at risk of losing their homes have created a fertile environment for scamsters. The scams on homeowners are varied and include audits and NPV tests, modification services, foreclosure rescue services, sell and lease-back schemes, and my personal favorite, mass joinder suits. Let’s start … Read more

Alex Went to Law School, Business School and is Now Buried in Student Loans

“Dear Steve, I went to both law school and business school. I dropped out of law school after a year and a half but borrowed a lot of money for that time since law school is quite expensive, especially for a private school. This pretty much set me back. Business school wasn’t as expensive. I … Read more

Drowning in Student Loans?

If you can’t make payments on your student loans, don’t panic. Don’t just give up and invite default, either. Default means that your credit will be damaged and your loan balance will increase dramatically with the addition of collection fees. And once you default, the holder of your loan will probably grab a portion of … Read more

I Need to Get My Student Loans Out of Forbearance?

Quinton “Dear Steve, I need to get my student loans out of forberrence? What is the best way to consolidate? Quinton” Dear Quinton Forbearance and consolidation are two different things. If your student loans are in forbearance they are on hold, not requiring any payments from you right now. But while they are on hold, … Read more