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I Was Contacted by Franklin Debt Relief. Should I Go With Them? – Robert

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“Dear Steve, I tried to run my own business and failed, got sick and am only now ready to return to work. With over $45K in credit card debt, another $40K in home equity debt, $15K remaining on my first mortgage and another $20K in loans from my life policies, I have dug myself one hell of a hole. Franklin ... Read More »

Debt Restructuring Hitting the Skids and Headed Towards Dumpster of Failure

A recent email forwarded to me from a reader reminded me about the debt restructuring approach I wrote about a while back. Apparently it was going to be the saving program for all the old mortgage selling, loan mod pushing marketers to sell after advanced fee debt settlement hit the TSR wall. Feel free to catch up on this ‘manna ... Read More »

AFCC -35, TASC – 41. Lost in Translation? Bermuda Triangle of Debt?

A reader sent in an interesting question. They wanted to know why if TASC (The Association of Settlement Companies) changed their name to AFCC (American Fair Credit Council) then why did TASC report having 41 members and AFCC only reports 35. – Source Good question. What’s interesting about the AFCC membership list is that it is broken into accredited members ... Read More »

Is Franklin Debt Relief the Way for Me to Go? – Anja

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“Dear Steve, Went through divorce, had to pay for the divorce, start all over and took some debts out of our marriage. On top both my parents passed away and I had to help with costs and other expenses. Do not receive any support from my ex-husband and have to pay for expenses for our kids. Until now I was ... Read More »

Should I Go With Franklin Debt Relief? What Should I Do? – Debby

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“Dear Steve, I lost my husband four years ago. It has been a struggle for me to keep up with everything. I had a motor lock up in my car, which cost $5,000.00. I had a company call me and talk me into a online business which I later learned they did not follow through on. Total cost was about ... Read More »

Franklin Debt Relief Worried Debt Settlement Fees Will Be Controlled By Credit Card Companies

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Franklin Debt Relief sent out the press release I’ve published below. In the release they announce they will comply with the new FTC rules on debt settlement. Smart move. But then there is this statement, “The scary part of this [FTC TSR] is the control it gives to banks over the debt relief industry. After seeing how they treat the ... Read More »

International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators – IAPDA Certification Exposed


Loyal readers may have observed that I routinely never mention IAPDA, the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA) or even mention that a company may display their logo as being a member. It’s not that I’ve not noticed their logo displayed on sites, it’s that many in the industry have disparaging things to say about what the logo represented ... Read More »

Franklin Debt Relief – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?

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Please share your experience with this debt relief company and provide your review and feedback, in the comments section below. The goal of this page is to allow people to share information that may be important to help others to make a more informed decision regarding their experience with this debt relief company. Here are some potential questions you might ... Read More »

Franklin Debt Relief Review

This review is the result of additional visitors looking for information on an article I posted a long time ago, “I’m Working With Franklin Debt Relief on a Debt Settlement Program. – Rob.” Address: 180 N Wabash Suite 320 Chicago, IL 60601 (312) 445-4700 – Source Website: FranklinDebtRelief.com. Web site is owned by Robert Zangrilli – bobbyz@alum.dartmouth.org and was registered ... Read More »

I’m Working With Franklin Debt Relief on a Debt Settlement Program. – Rob

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“Dear Steve, I had about $12,00 worth of credit card debt. I signed up with a debt settlement company (Franklin Debt Relief) and they worked down my two biggest debts. However, it does show as settled for less than full amount. I have three more debts that need to be paid. I had to make three large monthly payments to ... Read More »

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