My Merchant Account is Getting Lots of Charge Backs Because of My Fulfillment People. – Hendi

“Dear Steve, Doing joint venture with some people and now they don’t fulfill the clients order, ending up giving a charge-backs to my merchant account under my company name. Thank you for having some time to read this and respond to my questions. So my questions is do I have rights to file this to …

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FTC Sweep Protects Consumers from “Dialing for Deception”

FTC Sweep Protects Consumers from “Dialing for Deception” April 15, 2002 Complaints Targeting”In-bound” Telemarketing Fraud Filed Against 11 Companies In what may be the most far-reaching Federal Trade Commission law enforcement sweep ever against “in-bound” telemarketing fraud – where consumers call companies based on classified ads, Internet banners, or other promotions – the FTC today …

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