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I Have Borrowed Money From Some Very Bad People. I Am a Problem Gambler. – Robert

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“Dear Steve, Its really difficult for me to express myself as it is very painful even thinking about this, but I will do my best. First of all I am a problem gambler and have been for the last 5 years. I currently have 3 bank accounts with overdrafts of about $6.000. I also have two loans of $30.000 each ... Read More »

    In California About Half Report Funding Gambling on Credit Cards

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    The State of California just released some interesting statistics regarding the 5,009 calls to their 1-800-GAMBLER hotline. 53% of the callers said they financed their gambling with credit cards. 38% said their credit cards were maxed out. The average amount of money the callers spent gambling was $28,647. The callers’ average personal debt was $29, 972. It appears from the ... Read More »

      I Am In Debt to Online Casinos. – Trish

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      “Dear Steve, I owe $25,000 on credit cards, loans and overdraft used for online casinos. How can I reduce these? Trish”   Dear Trish, The residual debt is just the symptom of the greater issue, gambling. While I don’t know your age, I do know you are a woman. Online gambling is primarily used by middle-aged women who are seeking ... Read More »

        I Used My Home Equity to Gamble at Casinos and Lost. – Fred

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        “Dear Steve, I used my home line of credit to gamble at casinos and now can’t sell my home because it’s not worth what it was was a year and a half ago. It is now worth $15,000 less and I can’t refinance it because the house is not worth it and I don’t have a job. Fred”   Dear ... Read More »

          I’m Thinking of Killing Myself Because of My Gambling and Debt. – Christie

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          Christie “Dear Steve, I’m a 28 year old casual worker in melbourne australia, i owe debts to the value of 13 and a half thousand dollars, i owe this over 6 creditors like i said i only work casual so how am i supposed to pay someone off when the others are hounding me and payment plans arnt an option, ... Read More »

            I Have Gone Through All My Savings and Gambled to Try to Stay Current on My Bills. – Janet

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            “Dear Steve, I am 75,000 in debt. All are credit cards. Last year I lost a job of 20 years but was able to get a job at about 20,000 less income. I was able to convince myself that I had my debt under control because I was able to pay it. I have been fooling myself and now have ... Read More »

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