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My Husband Received a Writ of Garnishment. What Now? – Natalie

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“Dear Steve, My husband has received a writ for garnishment of wages for a debt of 2,200 dollars. The default judgement was placed against him for failure to answer and now he’s facing garnishment. He only earns about $100 per week. Can his wages be garnished? What can be done? We don’t have shared accounts or property but we live ... Read More »

    I Want Proof the Debt My Paycheck is Garnished for is Valid. – BD

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    BD “Dear Steve, I have been garnish for over a year on my paycheck. I now want the company to prove to me that the debt was valid. Can they provide that information and if they cant can i ask for a full refund? BD”   Dear BD, I’m no lawyer but I think the ship sailed on that issue ... Read More »

      I’m a College Student Trying to Get My Degree But I Just Got a Judgment Against Me. – Sam

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      Sam “Dear Steve, I am a college student trying to get my bachelors degree. I currently dont have a job but am looking for one. The other day I got a judgement sent to me through the mail, telling me that they are trying to garnish my wages. I currently do not have a job, but in the next month ... Read More »

        I Have No Assets And Collectors Are Coming After Me. Should I Go Bankrupt? – Tim

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        “Hi Steve, Great Site, Great Photo’s. How do u make a living offering all this free help? My Question, I have around $100,000 in Credit Card Debt. I don’t own a home, it’s in my wife’s name. I lease a car 2002 Model payments $299 per month, car is worth less than the lease 100,000 Miles on it. I am ... Read More »

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