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Can My Old Bank Take Me to Collections for a Checking Account? – Mark

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“Dear Steve, In 2006 I had a joint checking account with my mother when she shortly passed away. It was then that the bank informed me that I need to make some payments to cover my mother’s expenses which I did. Other expenses followed but these were bank fees which caused the account to be overdrawn according to the bank. ... Read More »

    My Son Just Got Garnished for a Really Old Debt. – Bill

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    “Dear Steve, My son, who has always resided in Florida, had a GM credit card that was revoked in February, 1997. At some point, GM purportedly assigned their claim to Household Finance Corporation. Either GM or a purported assignee filed a collection action in 1998. My son was never served. They got a judgment (I assume the judgment was dated ... Read More »

      In Ohio If You Are Working With a Credit Counselor You Can’t Be Garnished

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      And here is one of those little odd facts that appears from time to time that I never knew. Yes, I still learn new stuff frequently as well. The Ohio statute 2716.03 Commencing proceeding for garnishment of personal earnings says: No proceeding in garnishment of personal earnings shall be brought against a judgment debtor for the collection of a debt ... Read More »

        I Had a Judgment Against Me From American Express and Platinum Services. – Mary

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        “Dear Steve, After being unemployed for a year, I was hired as a CNA at a Long Term Care Facility. In 2003, I received a judgement against me from Platinum Services, ie, American Express. Due to an agressive illness,I had been paying an agreement through the company, but it was less than the minimun payment. I did not have the ... Read More »

          They Garnish My Wages For the Car I Cosigned For. – Denise

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          “Dear Steve, i co-signed for my son to get a car. He got sick and lost the car and his job. so now they’ve garnished my wages, because they can’t do his if i get another job to go with the one i have,will they garnish that job too? Denise” Dear Denise, They may if they find out about the ... Read More »

            I’m So Far in Debt I Don’t Know What to Do – Gloria

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            Gloria “Dear Steve, I have gotten behind in mortgage vehicle and monthly payments. I have so many collection agencies contacting me that I don’t even know how far into debt I am. I have credit card debt that is above $10,000. My husband is laid off of work. I am being garnished . i just don’t know what to do ... Read More »

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