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Will You Be Sued Over an Unpaid Debt?

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The goal of all creditors is for consumers to repay borrowed money according to the terms and conditions of their original agreement. When a consumer debt fails to be repaid as agreed, creditors must decide the best option to take to recover their loss. At this point, creditors have several options available. They may decide to use an internal or ... Read More »

    Can My Creditors Garnish My Assets in Texas? – Mary

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    “Dear Steve, I have not paid my credit card payments for over 5 months due to the recession. I cannot afford to restructure them at this time because I am under employed and expect to be so forever due to my age. I live in Texas. Can one or all of the credit card companies garnish all or any part ... Read More »

      Hyat, Hyat & Landau Are Going for a Writ of Garnishment. – Alma


      “Dear Steve, On 01/19/2013, I received a continuing writ of garnishment notice from the law offices of Hyat, Hyat & Landau representing Midland Credit Management, Inc. This motion to garnish my wages was given to them because apparently they got a Judgement against me back in 01/2004 from a credit card debt that I got in 1996 when I lived ... Read More »

        My Husband Received a Writ of Garnishment. What Now? – Natalie

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        “Dear Steve, My husband has received a writ for garnishment of wages for a debt of 2,200 dollars. The default judgement was placed against him for failure to answer and now he’s facing garnishment. He only earns about $100 per week. Can his wages be garnished? What can be done? We don’t have shared accounts or property but we live ... Read More »

          Writ of Garnishment Leaves Me Unable to Car for My Wife and Kids. What Should I Do?

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          “Dear Steve, I was recently delivered a Writ of Garnishment, taking $348 per check to pay back a $6200 personal loan from Springleaf. I only clear $1000 per check. My mortgage is $1385 and My car is $375 That doesn’t leave a lot of room for gasoline, natural gas, power, phone, food, clothes, student loans, car insurance, water, and the ... Read More »

            Defendants In Payday Lending Case To Pay More Than $294,000 For Illegal Garnishment Of Consumers’ Paychecks

            Defendants in a payday lending case have been ordered to pay more than $294,000 for illegal garnishment of consumers’ paychecks. A federal court has ordered, at the request of the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), one of the individuals behind a payday lending scheme and two companies he controlled to pay $294,536 for illegally trying to garnish borrowers’ wages, and for ... Read More »

              Free Debt Relief Industry Regulation and Legislation Tracking

              Debt Management Laws

              I’m happy to announce today that both consumers and debt relief companies will now have FREE access to debt relief industry compliance, regulation, and legislation resources. This site module for the GetOutOfDebt.org site will give site visitors fee access to be better informed and educated about debt relief industry regulations. In this module you will find: Updates on current debt ... Read More »

                Can The Creditors Garnish My SSDI Check for My Credit Card Debt? – Kristene

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                Garnishment of SSDI on crditcard debt Lost house in shortsale live week to week ,tried in the beginning to make arrangement for payments crditcard co. wouldn’t listen they wanted full interest late and overlimit payments and were impossiable so now I ignore the lawyer letters and phone calls. Can they garnish my disability checks and is my spouse liable for ... Read More »

                  I’m a Grandmother and Getting My Social Security Check Garnished For Student Loans. – Janis

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                  “Dear Steve, I’m a 68 yr old grandma of 2 young (10/14 yr old) grandchildren. I went to college to upgrade my employment status in 1998 or 1999, I don’t remember. I finished in 2000 and at that time had a student loan balance of about 3500.00. Could not find a job and had to request forbarence to carry me. ... Read More »

                    Pam and Her Daughter Are Sleeping On The Floor

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                    “Dear Steve, I am a single mom, my daughter is 17 and trying to get a job, but even for her it’s hard. I have a couple of credits cards that I just can’t pay. My priorities are rent first, then car payment, utilities, then food, gas. I am still married but I can’t go to my husband for help, ... Read More »

                      The Judgment Against Me Has Almost Doubled And I’m Tired of Running. – Lucy

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                      “Dear Steve, I have a judgement that is 11 years old in the state of VA.The original debt was about 13000 but is currently at 25,000. I want to make a offer not to file bankruptcy if the creditor will accept $3300 in exchange for a certificate of satisfaction for the judgement. But I am afraid the creditor will acept ... Read More »

                        I’m a College Student Trying to Get My Degree But I Just Got a Judgment Against Me. – Sam

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                        Sam “Dear Steve, I am a college student trying to get my bachelors degree. I currently dont have a job but am looking for one. The other day I got a judgement sent to me through the mail, telling me that they are trying to garnish my wages. I currently do not have a job, but in the next month ... Read More »

                          We Made $52K Last Year And Struggling. – Cindi

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                          Because of the volume of submitted questions, I am behind in personally answering every single one. I need your help. I am publishing the question below for you to answer. Please help this person by adding your response and advice in the comments section of the original question. Click here. “Dear Steve, My husband and I grossed $52k last year. ... Read More »

                            I’m Enrolled with The Consumer Law Group and Can’t Afford My Medication. – Dauna

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                            Dauna “Dear Steve, I am 62, on disability and enrolled with Consumer Law Group last July. Because of my declining health, I need the funds which currenty go to the Consumer Law Group, for medication. My question is, if I discontinue these payments, will my retirement pension, which I receive in addition to social security, be subject to garnishment? I ... Read More »

                              I Owe Navy Federal Credit Union $17,000. – Garr

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                              Garr “Dear Steve, I owe Navy Federal Credit Union $17,000 the account is charge off but they are take legal act to garnishment or civil suit i am not sure they take a settlement. Garr”   Dear Garr, The issue here that you need to take some action to intervene here instead of just watching the bus hit you. If ... Read More »

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