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How Do I Get Out of Our Mortgage in Florida? – Paul

Ready to Collapse

Bought our villa of plan in 2005 in Kissimmee paid $325000 got a mortgage for $244000. Then the economy took a nose dive the villa is probably worth about £165000 been as low as$135000. never missed a mortgage payment ,but I am now struggling to keep up the payments. What would be my way out of this mortgage as the ... Read More »

    How Do We Get Out of Our Mortgage and Debt? – Jennifer

    Ready to Collapse

    My husband and I just got married in March. We are living in a small condo that my husband had bought about 5 years, when the housing market was at it’s peak. He bought it for 110,000 and we are at 100,000 on the mortgage. We checked into the value of the home because we want to start a family ... Read More »

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