Creditors More Likely to Sue Over Smaller Credit Card Debts

The Sun Sentinel out of Florida is reporting that cases where a creditor has sued a consumer over a debt owed are increasing. Small claims courts in Broward and Palm Beach counties are reporting a spike in the number of cases against debtors, who typically owe between $2,000 to $4,000. Some judges say they are … Read more

I Got Sued by Capital One. What Do I Do Now? – Leslie

“Dear Steve, I was divorced 2 years ago and we split the credit cards down by whose name they were under. I received the Capital One bill 🙁 My husband wanted the divorce so bad he gave me the house and agreed to pay all divorce proceedings which he hasn’t (I hope to be sue … Read more

The Chase Legal Department Says They WIll Sue Me. – Jacqueline

“Dear Steve, I am in financial hardship and have always had perfect credit but had to stop the bleeding. Chase now threatning to take me to court. Due to financial hardship I stopped paying my Chase credit card and Us bank card, I attempted a settlement at 10% they said 85% then late 65% (Chase) … Read more

I’ve Been in a Debt Settlement Program But Just Got Sued By a Creditor. – John

“Dear Steve, 14 months ago I entered into a credit card settlement company. I have a debt of $8,200.00 and they had told me, in writing, that the debt could be settled for $4,200.00. Ever since that, I had been making payments of $528.00 per month to this company. They have a 15% fee charge, … Read more

We Are Working With a Settlement Company But Chased Just Sued Us. – Myra

“Dear Steve, We are living paycheck to paycheck, trying to sell our home (shortsale) to make the most of the small income we have, due to the fact I lost my job over 2 yrs ago, I am working now but only enough to still stay at home to not have to pay the expensive … Read more

Like Five Years Ago I Had a Discover Card and Now I’m Being Sued. – David

“Dear Steve, Like 5 yrs ago I had a Discover card for 2500.00. I paid about 1100 of it then no work. Paid another 700 to collection agency through direct deposit every mo. in the amount of 70 dollars. At the end of the year my balance was higher with interest and penalities. Now I … Read more

I’ve Struggled to Pay On Two of My Cards But Capital One Just Sued Me. – Stacia

“Dear Steve, I am 26, engaged, and have one child. I graduated with a BA in 2008 and the only job I found was as a secretary at the university I went to school at. While in college I racked up $20,000 in federal loans and $15,000 in a private loan. I also managed get … Read more

I Have Had Two Homes Foreclosed On Me. Will I Be Sued? – Ana

“Dear Steve, Had my 2 homes foreclosed. One was already foreclosed and the second will be finalized on March 26th. I have equity line of credit loan’s and cosidering filing for bankcruptcy because I’ve heard that the bank’s will probably sue me for the amount’s owed on these loans. Help!!! Ana” Dear Ana, The banks … Read more