Ex-Girlfriend Drove Credit Into Shit Hole. – Victoria

“Dear Steve, My boyfriend is currently in the national guard, but he is home now, I have been dating him for a year and a half. Before I met him, he was stationed in Afghanistan for 13 months (around 2009-2010), while dating another girl. While he was overseas, the girlfriend he had at the time … Read more

My Girlfriend and Friends Used My Credit Cards and Left Me Deep in Debt. – Sean

Well lets just start by saying I’m an idiot and probably deserve where I’m at now. With that said, a few years ago I helped a friend of mine out renting a van to take several people to disneyland for a birthday. I let them put the rental on my credit card sayin that they … Read more

This Time I Asked “Do You Think You Are a Failure When You Break Your Budget?”

Recently I was over on the Finance Your Life blog and asked Doctor S, the blogger there for his opinion on the following question: “Do you become a financial failure when you break the budget just trying to get a bit of fun in your life when everything else around is stressful at home, at … Read more