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Global Client Solutions Said to Be One of the Initiators of The Concept to Evade Debt Adjuster Statutes

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Recently the Washington State Supreme Court issued a killer ruling which labels Global Client Solutions as a debt adjuster that aids and abets debt settlement companies to evade the Washington Debt Adjuster statute and is civil and criminally liable. You can read the full details on that ruling in Washington Supreme Court Issues Important Unanimous Opinion Impacting Debt Settlement Companies ... Read More »

    Washington Supreme Court Issues Important Unanimous Opinion Impacting Debt Settlement Companies that Target Washington Consumers

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    I received the following press release regarding the Global Client Solutions case I wrote about previously here. The Washington State Supreme Court issued Thursday an important opinion impacting “debt settlement” companies that ubiquitously promote their “debt settlement” services to heavily indebted Washington consumers through late night television advertising, unsolicited phone calls, Internet communications, and junk mail. In the matter of ... Read More »

      Washington Nails Global Client Solutions as a Debt Adjuster. Game Changer.

      Yesterday the Supreme Court of Washington issued an opinion in the Carlsen v. Global Client Solutions case in Washington State. You can read more about that case here and here. At the heart of the case that continued to the Supreme Court of Washington was the matter if Global Client Solutions was culpable as a debt adjuster even though they ... Read More »

        Report From the TASC Conference. Attendee Sends in Their Notes,

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        Just in, an attendee at the TASC conference just held in Las Vegas has sent in their notes of what they felt was the highlights for readers. TASC – THURSDAY BOB LINDERMAN: GENERAL COUNSEL OF FREEDOM DEBT RELIEF GOALS AND OBJECTIVES: “THIS IS A CONSUMER CENTRIC, REGULATOR SENSITIVE, BUSINESS FRIENDLY ORG THATS GOING TO MAKE A CLEAN BREAK FROM THE ... Read More »

          Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Contract Review. Is This Really The Best Deal Possible?

          A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in a copy of what appears to be an agreement between a consumer and Legal Helpers Debt Resolutions Services. – Source What follows are just my observations of some of the pages of this agreement. You may view the entire agreement here. Click on image for larger view. The budget looks especially ... Read More »

            Global Client Solutions, Debt Care USA, and Nationwide Debt Settlement Group Hit With Oregon Class Action

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            Global Client Solutions, Debt Care USA, and Nationwide Debt Settlement Group were all recently named as defendants in a Oregon class action suit. This now marks the yet another in a growing line of class action suits that name the chain of players as parties. This case names the front end marketer, back office processor and payment facilitator. The allegation ... Read More »

              Is Signing Up for Global Client Solutions a Good Way to Avoid Bankruptcy? – Todd

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              “Dear Steve, My wife is only 34 years old and she had 17 surgeries on her kidney before they finally removed it. Due to all of the surgeries they casued a lot of nerve damage that has made her to go and has tried to find a pain management doctor that is looking to fix the problem and not just ... Read More »

                What’s Your Opinion? Is Debt Settlement the Unauthorized Practice of Law?

                I was just reading a recent case filed against Freedom Debt Relief, Freedom Financial Network, Global Client Solutions, and Brad Allen. The case alleges that the defendants violated the debt relief provisions of the bankruptcy code, violated California law, engaged in the unauthorized practice of law and violated the California consumer fraud act. You can read the full complaint here. ... Read More »

                  Debt Settlement Employee Sends in a Question and Comments About Companies Going Broke

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                  A debt settlement employee sent in the following observations using this form: Its true that no CID’s were sent out. But there is a lot of talk about the FTC requesting information on settlements being paid by [an escrow company]. (this is first hand from a company I work for regarding a settlement I negotiated.) I have been in the ... Read More »

                    Global Client Solutions and Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust Still Can’t Shake Free of KY Case

                    Global Client Solutions and Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust were named in a case that had been filed back in May of 2010. The two entities have tried to get out by enforcing an arbitration clause, but the judge didn’t agree. On February 17, 2010 Judge Heyburn issued an opinion regarding the requests to dismiss GCS and Rocky on the ... Read More »

                      Global Client Solutions and Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust Said to Have Aided and Abetted Debt Settlement Companies to Violate Statute

                      A regulator friend of mine just forwarded me a copy of the State of Washington amicus brief filed in a class action case I reported about previously. The case is Carlsen v. Global Client Solutions and Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust. – Source The State of Washington weighed in on the matter and make some strong statements that do not ... Read More »

                        Details on Suit Filed Against Legal Helpers Debt Resolution by Illinois Attorney General Madigan

                        U.S. National Debt Relief Plan

                        For the sake of disclosure, everything below is what is alleged in the lawsuit against Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, also known as Macey, Aleman, Hyslip & Searns. The suit kicks attorney model debt settlement and says it is no better than service delivered by a non-law-firm debt settlement provider. LHDR rarely, if ever, negotiates settlements with all of consumer’s creditors. ... Read More »

                          New Leaf Debt Settlement Won’t Return Our Money. – Vicki

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                          “Dear Steve, We cannot thank you enough for giving those, like us, somewhere to turn for honest help and answers. We signed with New Leaf Debt in February, 2010. Before I closed the account with Global Client Solutions in December, 2010, this account was debited by New Leaf a total of $5395.42 for monthly maintenance fees, an initial set-up fee ... Read More »

                            Legal Helpers Debt Resolution and a Whole Bunch of Others Just Served With a Class Action

                            A tipster (send in your tips here) directed my attention to a recent class action suit file in New Jersey against a whole host of Legal Helper Debt Resolution friends. In fact the suit names the salesperson involved in the sale of these debt relief services. That will be a cold splash of water for many debt relief salespeople. Here ... Read More »

                              Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust and Global Client Solutions Part Ways

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                              Apparently Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust has parted company with Global Client Solutions. Howard Smith of Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust told this site, “I thought you might be interested to know that Rocky Mountain Bank & Trust no longer has a relationship with Global Client Solutions or any of their associated debt service companies.” Who knows, maybe the increasing ... Read More »

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