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Doubts Spread About Independent Foreclosure Reviews

Ready to Collapse

by Paul Kiel ProPublica The idea behind the Independent Foreclosure Review seems simple. During the peak of the foreclosure crisis, the banks broke laws and made errors that hurt homeowners. In response, the government mandated they compensate the victims. But there is growing evidence some banks are playing a major role in identifying the victims of their own abuses, raising ... Read More »

    Holy Fraud, Batman! Literally…

    Yesterday, an Ohio resident was indicted for allegedly engaging in a fraud scheme that promised to fund more than $500 million in mortgage loans to around 20 churches and a dozen small businesses across the country. The man, Jamal Lawson, fraudulently obtained more than $300,000 in advance fees that he used for personal expenses instead of securing loans as he ... Read More »

      Owner of Advertising Investment Companies Pleads Guilty To $6.2 Million Fraud Scheme

      In early December Edward Lawson pleaded guilty to wire fraud in connection with a $6.2 million fraudulent investment scheme. According to his plea, Lawson was the president of “Automated Revenue Creation LLC” and “Guaranteed Results Advertising, LLC” (collectively, GRA). GRA’s investment literature stated that it was in the business of providing advertising through “Narrow Cast television commercials,” purportedly consisting of ... Read More »

        Mid-2000s Multimillion Dollar Fraudster Finally Gets Sentenced

        In the mid-2000s Clarence Allen Rice, owner of C & J Leasing Corporation, ran a complex, multimillion dollar wire fraud scheme to which he was just sentenced to a term of 70 months in prison for earlier this month. Trial and sentencing evidence showed that Rice suffered over $800,000 in day trading losses in the early 2000s using his company’s ... Read More »

          Deceitful Debt Relief And Mortgage Operation Shut Down

          A United State district court has shut down two related operations who apparently failed to provide promised debt relief services and jeopardized clients’ privacy by at the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)’s request. Apparently one firm charged consumers a $1,495 up front fee for a mortgage relief assistance program that was never given as well as tossing personal information into unsecured ... Read More »

            We Filed Bankruptcy and Discharged Our Mortgage But We Are Still Being Billed for Taxes. – Missie

            “Dear Lewis, My husband and I filed Chap 7 bankruptcy in Orange county, Florida. It was discharged in May 2010 and included our home. We moved out of the house in February 2010. We are continuing to get notices from GMAC Mortgage that they’ve force placed insurance and were told that we are still responsible for some fees, liens, etc. ... Read More »

              Can GMAC Charge Us Foreclosure Fees After Bankruptcy? – Missie

              Ready to Collapse

              Ch 7 Bankruptcy Discharged May 2010, Florida. Spoke to the mortgage holder (GMAC) for our home that we included in our bankruptcy this year and they said we still will owe the foreclosure fees until all’s said and done and at this point is $18k. They also said it will be probably another year in the process. Can they charge ... Read More »

                I Can’t Get a Car Loan Because of a Past Bankruptcy – April

                Ready to Collapse

                “Dear Steve, My husand over 10 years ago got appendicitis with no insurance. The hospital wasn’t happy with the small payments hubby was making, so they hired a law firm. The lawyer for the hospital wanted him to start paying $170 a week when he was only making like $260 a week in a factory. Hubby had no choice but ... Read More »

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