GreenPath Settlement Case Dismissed With Prejudice

As anticipated, the debt management nonprofit GreenPath has managed to terminate one of the recent lawsuits against it. This one was the case brought in Norton v. GreenPath where the claim was the debt management company was engaged in settling debt. You can read more about that case in the bottom half of this post. … Read more

GreenPath Suffers Setback in Recent Lawsuit That Applies to All Debt Management

The folks at Greenpath, the non-profit debt management company, were recently sued. I wrote about that here. Greenpath attempt to get one of the suits dismissed In the Pries-Daniels suit where it was alleged GreenPath was charging fees that did not comply with Georgia law, the Court denied the claim to dismiss the case. I’m … Read more

GreenPath Oddly Hit With Two Lawsuits Days Apart

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[Update November 19, 2020 – I heard from GreenPath and they confirmed they do not engage in debt settlement or credit repair as the second suit alleges. I fully expect that suit to be dismissed quickly. The two suits against GreenPath are unfortunate news, not necessarily because of the technical issues that can be resolved … Read more

Student Loan Alliance Teaches Credit Counselors What About Student Loans?

Student Loan Alliance put out a press release earlier this week talking about the training they were giving credit counseling agencies in order to deal with student loan problems. Student Loan Alliance says the credit counseling agencies that participate in their approach and training are The participating organizations are: Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Greater … Read more

Greenpath Pays Credit Counselors More

A reader forwarded me a link to a site called Glassdoor where people can do salary searches for specific jobs by salary or opening. The results are kind of interesting. If you sought to be paid the most as a credit counselor, according to Glassdoor, the last place you want to work is Arizona Federal … Read more

Are CareOne, MMI, Clearpoint, or GreenPath Credit Counseling Companies Legit? – Leah

Consumer Complaint Submission

$26,000 in credit card debt and medical bills piling up since my surgery last year. I lost one income since my surgery and only able to make minimum payment on my credit cards. I have been looking into several credit counseling companies for a week now and I would like to get in a Debt … Read more

We Contacted Greenpath for Help But Can’t Afford It. – Gary

After 20+ years of maintaining 720+ FICO scores, my wife and I ran up credit debt of about $15K back in 07 due to some health and employment issues , but this was manageable. We stopped using the cards, began giving them more than the minimum each month and took advantage of 1 year no-interest … Read more

Non-Profit Credit Counselor CEOs Making Big Bucks

Thanks to a tipster (send in your tips here) I was directed to an article that appeared recently titled Non-profit credit advisers cash in; CEOs earn big as consumers struggle. The article does make some interesting observations that some of the larger non-profit credit counseling groups do pay their CEOs a tremendous amount of money … Read more

Credit Counseling Groups in the Crosshairs With Pay For Performance History

This comes straight from a tipster (send in your tips here) who directed me to the site of Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy. I reached out to CPM for additional information but as of the time of publication I had not heard back. Cotchett, Pitre & McCarthy is continuing its investigation into fraudulent “debt counseling” and … Read more

I’m Thinking of Using GreenPath for Debt Counseling Services. – Andrew

Past due on debt obligations. Bank of America suggested three debt management companies. What happens to credit availability if I sign with one? Near term and long term? I’m thinking about engaging Green Path for debt mgmt. One thing that I’ve read on line is that once you engage with these firms and your accounts … Read more

What Can You Tell Me About GreenPath Debt Solutions? – Barton

“Dear Steve, Owe $38,000. Not behind or late, just want to get out of debt. I read your article on debt management and credit counseling and am glad I did. I am much more skeotical now about these sercvices. One company that I have seen get consistently good press, though is GreenPath Debt Solutions. What … Read more

Debt Settlement Companies Being Investigated by State of Kansas

Kansas is cracking down on the sales and service of debt settlement services. While tight lipped about who they are specifically investigating, Kevin Glendening, the Deputy Banking Director, has confirmed his office is investigating debt settlement companies. Glendening says, “Companies that I think consumers should avoid are a lot of the ones that you see … Read more

Kentucky Signs Into Law New Tough Debt Adjusting Law That Regulates Debt Settlement Companies and Others

I’ll admit I’m a bit late with this news but on April 13, 2010 Kentucky signed into law a new tough set of rules that regulate credit counseling, debt settlement and foreclosure assistance. FRANKFORT, Ky. — Gov. Steve Beshear was joined today by Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway as he signed into law HB 166, … Read more