27 Year Old Charged With Wire Fraud

Locust Offshore Management and Locus Offshore Fund operator Andrey Hicks was charged last week in a complaint with wire fraud at the ripe, young age of 27. The complaint alleges that since March 2011, Hicks has obtained more than $1.6 million from at least nine individuals and two entities for investment purposes using the two …

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Left a Good Paying Job to Follow My Dream. Now Laid Off and Facing Foreclosure.

“Dear Andy, Left good paying job, Manager Financial AD Hoc Reporting, Harvard Univ. 2006 followed dream worked as an Animal Control Officer and then lost job to “regionalization” of the position in 2/2009. In 6/2009 my daughter entered a partial hospitalization program for her mental issues. She was home-bound for 18 months and is now …

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