NJCLASS and HESAA Loans Just Absolutely Suck. Have a Nice Day.

I received the following statement from a reader: “NJ CLASS/HESSA gave my loans to a “Law Firm” -collection Agency, that sent bullies to my brother-in-law’s house. They were yelling outside his apartment building that he needed to pay his bills and he was a thief!!! They came to my home, and served my minor child … Read more

What Options Does My Sister Have to Repay Her Unaffordable NJCLASS Loans With HESAA?

Question: Dear Steve, My sister is behind on a 27,000 NJ Class (HESAA) loan and she (along with my parents who are on a fixed income) have received court summonses. She is an EMT and works for two companies but her hours were just slashed at both jobs. She has her firefighter certification but is … Read more

New Jersey Takes Action to Help Students With Nasty HESAA and NJCLASS Student Loans and Others

Legislatures in New Jersey are doing more to help student loan debtors than the Department of Education is. Recently they have passed two laws that will assist New Jersey residents with student loan troubles. The first bill creates the Office of the Student Loan Ombudsman within the Department of Banking and Insurance (DOBI) and regulates … Read more

New Jersey Student Loan Agency to Staff: Don’t Tell Borrowers About Help Unless They Ask

by Annie Waldman ProPublica, July 28, 2016, 8 a.m. Some restaurants have secret menus, special items that you can only get if you know to ask. New Jersey’s student loan program has secret options, too 2014 borrowers may be able to get help from the agency, but only if they know to ask. New Jersey … Read more