Ocwen Condo Foreclosure in Limbo Leaves Me Worried About HOA Fees and Mortgage Modification – Frank

“Dear Steve, Condo in foreclosure since May 2011, mortgage previously with GMAC, now taken over by Ocwen. Retired in January and wrongfully assumed I could just start making payments on the mortgage. Halt, you must go through a modification with Ocwen to stop the foreclosure. Agreed and sent all paperwork and info they requested. Ocwen …

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My HOA Payment and Mortgage Are Giving Me Problems. I’m About to File Bankruptcy. Will I Be Able to Get Student Loans? – Catherine

“Dear Lewis, I am 67 single woman living in Florida. I am about to file bankruptcy because of problems with my condo HOA and my condo is 65% underwater. I expect to file in the next three months or sooner. I work part time as a college professor. My income potential for teaching jobs will …

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