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How Do I Get Out of Debt? – Simple.

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Probably the most common question people ask me is “How Do I Get Out of Debt?” You would think such a simple question has a quick and easy answer. It does, and it doesn’t. Getting out of debt is actually a very easy process based in math. The numbers add up, or they don’t. Being in debt is most often ... Read More »

    I Don’t Know Where to Start to Get Out of Debt. – Alice

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    “Dear Steve, I have a lot of debt due to credit cards and 2 mortgages i have a condo and i owe more on my mortgages than my condo is worth. so refi is not an option. Well my question is i would like to start getting out of debt but do not know where to start i heard story ... Read More »

      How Do I Get Out of Debt Without a Huge Credit Card Payment Every Month? – Allison

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      Allison “Dear Steve, I have too many bills and don’t make enough money. I have $12,000 dollars in credit card debt, if eliminated or reduced, I’d be able to afford to live. I am married with two children. How do I get out of debt without a huge credit card payment every month? Allison”   Dear Allison, Bankruptcy. Click here ... Read More »

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