I Will Never Get Out of Debt, Will I? – Joni

“Dear Steve, Credit card debt totaling about $50,000. High interest rates. Payments made on time but I want to consolidate and lower interest rates. I have 2 credit cards with high interest rates (17%+). One is about 17K and the other nearly 10K. Both are not willing to lower their interest rates even though I … Read more

Matching Financial Tactics to Your Goals. Don’t Think Like a Race Car Driver.

The other Saturday I went to the drag strip with some friends of mine. It’s an annual event for us. We’re a bunch of car enthusiasts who get to spend a day with some truly amazing equipment. For those of you who are not familiar with drag races, here’s a brief explanation. Each race is … Read more

I Really Want to Avoid Bankruptcy At All Costs. – Sean

“Dear Steve, I have unsecured credit card debt for around $25,000. I am 27 and make around $55,000, but will be getting a $10,000 raise in the next. My financial situation at work will be improving further from there, I am just not sure if it will be 6 months or a year. I currently … Read more

How Do I Dig Myself Out of This Debt?

“Dear Steve, I owe $4600 in collection account that I am currently paying payments on. I owe $1600 to a friend. And I have 4 credit cards that are now sold to various people that I haven’t paid on in 2 years. I currently have finally gotten to the point of having $550 to use … Read more

Living in Apartment With Bills. Getting Married Soon and Just Got Big Inheritance. – Keith

“Dear Jon, I’m 31 years old, living in a rental apartment. I’m single but thinking about proposing in next 6 months. I just got my auto loan in August $20K with no money down and a low interest rate from my credit union. Had a bankruptcy in 2001(Medical Bills) Potential engagement coming How do I … Read more

Recent college graduate with public service job needs to eliminate debt. – Rosy

Hi Get Out of Debt Associate, My name is Rosy, and I am in debt. I finished school in May and I have a lot of credit card debt, along with school loans debt. With the school loans, I don’t feel too bad because I don’t have to pay for it until a couple of … Read more

Our Financial Situation is Out of Control. What Should We Do? – Tashia

Family of 4, Husband ownes a business & works at another job. I work p/t for a non-profit out of our home. We have 2 children under the age of 12. We reside in an area that has been hard hit with the poor economy. We are struggling everyday. There are 2 loans that are … Read more

What is the best solution to my debt problem? – Jean

HELP! I am going under. What are my options for the following scenario??? Recently Divorced, 57 yrs. Income:Teacher Annual Salary: $50K ~30K credit card debt Own Home @ 5.99% on a fixed 20 year note (Bank of America) Pay Property Taxes separately.(~$5K Annually) 5K balance on “Line of Credit” (B of A) Not behind on … Read more