We Pay Large School Tuitions Right Now and Having Problems Paying Our Bills. – Adam

Adam “Dear Steve, We’re currently have about $85,000 in unsecured debt. Also have two school tuitions. Right now, we both have 700+ credit scores and are current. We are considering 4 options. 1) Debt Management Progam – the problem is the payments are higher than our budget allows. 2) Debt Settlement – I’ve read all …

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Which Debt Should I Pay Off First, Credit Card or Personal Loan? – Sean

Sean “Dear Steve, I’m a 20 year old college student around $2000 in debt, with two credit cards and one personal loan. What should I pay off first? The credit card with the highest balance or the one with the higher interest rate, or the loan. What effects my credit score the most? Sean” Dear …

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I Have Been Wanting to Do Something About My Debt. It’s Time. – Dang in Debt

Dang in Debt “Dear Steve, I have been wanting to do something with my debt for a few years and now am pushing myself even harder to get this taken care of. I about 4 credit cards I stopped paying on and have about $12000 i owe in collections plus I have my current bills …

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