After Ten Years Consumers Finally Win $86 From I Works Scam

My history with a company named I Works began way back before the Federal Trade Commission went after Jeremy Johnson and his company I Works. After a decade, harmed customers are finally getting back refunds. The average refund is $86. At least it’s something. According to the FTC,”The Federal Trade Commission is sending full refunds—totaling … Read more

Payment Processors Involved in I Works Scheme Settle FTC Charges

Order Includes Turnover of $ 1.3 Million in Cash and Assets CardFlex Inc., an Independent Sales Organization (ISO), and its principals Andrew Phillips and John Blaugrund, have settled Federal Trade Commission charges that they illegally processed more than $ 26 million in unauthorized consumer charges on behalf of a company called I Works. The defendants … Read more

Two More Settle with FTC over I Works

Two key players in the I Works scheme that allegedly took more than $275 million from consumers via deceptive “trial” memberships for bogus government-grant and money-making schemes have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they violated federal law. Bryce Payne and Kevin Pilon, along with Jeremy Johnson and seven others, were named in … Read more

Jeremy Johnson and I Works Drag Family Down. Mansion and Silver Bars to Go.

This enterprise hit my radar about 18 months ago when I wrote Investigative Report. Is it a Scam or Something You Need to Be Afraid Of? The story of the fall of Jeremy Johnson is one for the record books. Another sad tale of a tumble from philanthropist to incarcerated. The Federal Trade Commission … Read more

Wait For it, Wait for It. I Works and Jeremy Johnson Get NAILED by the FTC. Told You So.

Back in June I wrote an investigative piece on After hearing about the site and reviewing it I became very concerned at what was behind it. Locally Jeremy Johnson is a humanitarian helicopter pilot, assisting the local Sheriff department in search and rescue operations and even doing some work internationally. Hooray, a hero. And … Read more Investigative Report. Is it a Scam or Something You Need to Be Afraid Of? is a site that provides a service that lists consumers that have initiated a chargeback with one of their participating merchants. This leaves people listed on the database with who may have filed legitimate chargebacks for goods or services, blacklisted without their knowledge. As you will read, there may be a relationship between … Read more