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I Screwed Up My Credit Score. Is There Hope to Bring it Back?


Question: Dear Steve, Several accounts past due on my credit report due to some medical problems last year. Trying to raise my score by 30-50 points to obtain a home loan. I have approximately five accounts with minimal balances that for some strange reason, I stopped paying all together last year. Please do not judge as it was a tough ... Read More »

    5 Things You Can Finally Do Once Your Credit Improves

    Happy people celebrating with money raining

    Where was your credit in the spring of 2008? For many people it was teetering on the edge of solvency, about to plummet into the deep hole known as the Great Recession. By the end of the following year, 2009, mortgage delinquencies would climb to almost 7%, according to data by TransUnion. Credit card late payments also climbed, according to ... Read More »

      5 Things You Do Every Day That Can Improve Your Credit

      Credit Score Distribution

      Among all the strategies out there for improving your credit standing, it’s important to take note of the things that are easy. Some of the best ways you can help your credit are so ingrained in your day-to-day routine, you’re probably working on your credit without really thinking about it. The simple, carefree route to good credit — sounds nice, ... Read More »

        I’m 21 Years Old and My Credit Score Sucks. How Can I Improve It? – Lore

        "Credit rating" handwritten with white chalk on a blackboard

        “Dear Steve, Hello, I am 21 years old and recently checked my credit score. Due to pass due bills not being paid I am carrying a 580 credit score. I am aware that this is horrible but I am not sure how to go about getting this fixed. I already have a secured credit card to help improve my credit. ... Read More »

          My Credit is Ruined and I Just Got Laid Off. How Can I Improve My Credit Once I Get a Job? – Tina

          Ready to Collapse

          I recently got laid off and I have a lot of credit cards and other bills that I can’t pay. I have no savings and I recently checked my credit score and it’s already being ruined. I’m afraid if I don’t get a job soon I’m never going to get out of debt or save my credit. I need help! ... Read More »

            We Want to Buy a House But Need to Deal With Our Bad Credit. – Alejandra

            Credit Score Distribution

            “Dear Steve, Im 27 years old, hoping to purchase a home $150,000-$185,000 hopefully in june of 2012. Last years gross combined income was about $85,000. my husband is year 6 post bankruptcy, his score is about 650-680, most of my debt is old, i have a credit score of 584 and 602. I am currently in good standing with auto ... Read More »

              Do It Yourself Guide to Credit Reports: 10 Ways to Improve Your Credit

              Ready to Collapse

              So your credit’s not so hot. A few late payments, maybe an account or two that went to collections. What’s the big deal? As you’ve probably found out, it may be a very big deal. You’ve probably already been turned down for the best credit cards and maybe you’ve had trouble getting a car loan. Perhaps you’ve even put off ... Read More »

                Legally Remove Negative Information on Your Credit Report

                Ready to Collapse

                Well it has happened again. Yet another credit repair organization has fallen under the sledgehammer known as the Federal Trade Commission and you know what, rightfully so, idiot scammers. Wishful consumers desperate for a quick fix to hide accurate but negative items on their credit report are easy prey for credit repair scammers looking to make a quick illegal buck. ... Read More »

                  My Husband Was in Jail and I Was Left Raising Our Child With a Low Credit Score. – Julie

                  Ready to Collapse

                  Julie “Dear Steve, I am a single mother of a five year old. I recently got a copy of my credit report and was not shocked to find out it was a very low 489. I had several medical problems, which turned into collections and one judgement, as well as some late payments on accounts from 2006-2007. My daughter’s father ... Read More »

                    Chris Has Bad Credit. I Show Him How to Easily Get Good Credit.


                    “Dear Steve, I’m 35, new dad, have a terrible credit score(in the 400s), want to improve my score for a better quality of life, and most of my debts are 8 years and older. I want to find specific information on how to remove old debts from my credit report. (ex. To whom do I write my letters? What should ... Read More »

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