Check ‘n Go is Taking Advantage of Me and I’m a Struggling Senior

Question: Dear Steve, I am a longtime senior stuck in the predator web of Check n Go. November 2015 I went into pay my $300.00 loan and the clerk offered me a $3000.00 loan and I bit and made the installment loan and I have paid 8 payments of $400.00 (total of $3200.00) and I … Read more

How Installment Lenders Put Borrowers in a World of Hurt

by Paul Kiel ProPublica This story was co-produced with Marketplace. Listen to their coverage. One day late last year, Katrina Sutton stood at a gas pump outside Atlanta and swiped her debit card. Insufficient funds. But that couldn’t be. She’d been careful to wait until her $270 paycheck from Walmart had hit her account. The … Read more

My Salary Has Been Cut Twice. I Fell For a High Priced Installment Loan Where They Took 33% as a Processing Charge. – KNR

My salary was cut twice in a six-month period plus my employer deducts $150 per month for health insurance. This caused financial issues and I sought a payday loan with the expectation to pay he full loan amount in two weeks. To my surprise, the tax refund I was expecting did not arrive so I … Read more