I’m Upside Down on 30 Year Interest Only Mortgage and Medical Debts. – Scott

“Dear Steve, Upside down with home of more than $130,000 in Florida. Two loans, second being a HELOC at time purchase to avoid original PMI with Countrywide. BOA bought Countrywide and then sold second to Greentree. 30-year interest only at 6.625 on first and 8.125 on second. BOA will not work with with me as … Read more

We Are Making Ends Meet But Looking Forward to Doing Better. What Should We Do With Out Tax Refund? – Maggie

“Dear Steve, Thanks in advance for answering our questions and having your help available for free! I am thrilled to be able to discuss this with an expert and get a third objective opinion about our finances. My husband and myself were thrilled to find our dream home but it was probably a year to … Read more

We Are Living on Credit and Need to Refinance Our Mortgage. – Alison

“Dear Steve, We have around $70,000 in credit card debt. My husband is self employed, and as the work has slowed, we’ve turned to credit cards more and more, you know how it goes. Five years ago, we bought our house with a sub-prime mortgage, $40,000 down and a “liars loan” basically. It was a … Read more

We’ve Been Struggling for Two Years Now. Veronica

“Dear Steve, Hi there. I came across your video on youtube and then your website. My husband and I have been struggling for 2 years and think that our only option at this point is going to be bankruptcy. My husband is a self employed painting contractor. I am at home full time with our … Read more