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In Seven Minutes I Shaved Almost a Grand a Year off My iPhone Bill. Sweet!

Screen Shot 2012-01-12 at 5.28.16 PM

Day to day life seems to never leave me with enough time to sit back and contemplate the fine details of all the financial obligations that float about. One of those money pits is the communications bill for data and phone. It just seems connectivity gets more and more expensive. Pretty soon I’ll need a wifi connection straight to my ... Read More »

How Your iPhone Can Save You Money


If you’re like me you constantly have your smartphone attached to your hip. In my case, I have my trusty digital sidekick (my iPhone) and I’m still amazed how far we’ve come with technology and mobile phones. I remember my first brick-like phone and only imagined in my wildest dreams having a phone this, well, smart! I got to thinking ... Read More »

7.5 Hours in Line to Get My iPhone4. Never Again.


Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending over seven hours in line to pickup my new iPhone that I had reserved in advance. I’ve never made a reservation for pickup before of an Apple product and I’m sure as hell not doing that again. But I have to say, we were surrounded by the nicest group of people and our ... Read More »

Soon You Will Be Able to Wave Your iPhone to Make Payment via Visa

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A company, DeviceFidelity, is currently working in conjunction with Visa to incorporate Visa payWave into the case for an iPhone. The Visa payWave product has been around for a number of years using a traditional card bearing the Visa logo. But the new iPhone cases will have a chip built into them to make them work the same way. The ... Read More »

It’s True, My iPhone Helps Me Save Money

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Apple just came out with the new commercial below that really struck me that it’s exactly how I use my iPhone. Before I had my now fairly well worn iPhone I wrote if it was a debt worth having and after two years of the iPhone in my pocket I’d have to say it is. The application shown in the ... Read More »

The iPad. So Simply a Two Year Old Can Operate. Literally.


So I got my iPad on the day they came out. I’d classify myself as a recovering early adopter. I used to be out on the bleeding edge of technology and subsequently moved back to the leading edge. Now I’ve taken one step further back from the edge but when it came to the iPad I saw it as a ... Read More »

PayPal iPhone App Users “Poised to Become the Dominant Species”

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As a devote Apple user I can’t say enough good things about their products and especially their tech support, Amazing! But here is a cute ad from PayPal pushing the new iPhone PayPal Bump app that made me laugh. Poll – Vote Now [poll id=”22″] Get Out of Debt Guy – Twitter, G+, Facebook Need More Help? Read More »

Get the New GetOutOfDebt.org Free Debt Help iPhone Application

Get Out of Debt iPhone Application

Recently I worked with a company that helped me build an iPhone application for the GetOutOfDebt.org site. I made sure the application would be free for anyone to download. I’ll be adding new features to it in the future but for now just wanted to get my toes in the water and make sure the application worked in a basic ... Read More »

Awesome Money Saving iPhone App – RedLaser

Da Snuggie.

Today I had a chance to play with a new app for my iPhone, RedLaser. All I’ve got to say is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. RedLaser reads the bar code on a product that you are thinking of purchasing and then, and almost instantly checks prices on Amazon and Google, showing you where you can get the exact same item for less. I ... Read More »

What’s on Your iPhone: My Favorite iPhone Apps


I would have to say that for me the iPhone has become one of those transformational gadgets that has changed my life for the better. Probably the iPhone and GPS (SatNav for my EU friends) make the most impact on making my life better. I thought I’d share with you the iPhone applications that have become ‘must have’ apps for ... Read More »

The New Diamond Embedded MasterCard. Really!

Motorola Motopure H12 Gold and Diamond Heaset

It is still a bit of a buzz but it is worth mentioning. Apparently Kazkommertsbank in Kazakhstan is getting ready to roll out a MasterCard with a diamond embedded in it with gold trim on the card. Last November I wrote a story about the manufacturer of the card if you want to know more about how they are made. ... Read More »

Is the iPhone a Debt Worth Having?

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The new iPhone is out and people are rushing, at a slower pace, yet again to get one. While they may be on the bleeding edge of technology, I wonder how many users of the iPhone can really justify the huge bills they can generate? And you know what will come after this generation of iPhone? That’s right, the next ... Read More »

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