How Do I Reduce My IRS Installment Payment if I Can’t Reach the IRS?

Question: Dear Steve, I’ve been on a payment plan from the 2014-15-16 installment agreement – IRS keeps hanging up on me, and I cannot get thru to them to lower monthly payments. Can you help lower payments? Robyn Answer: Dear Robyn, Ultimately the IRS is the one controlling your payment. Here is the specific advice … Read more

Are You Making Installment Payments to the IRS? You Can Stop for Now.

The IRS has announced some important adjustments to current policies to assist debtors with financial difficulties. My CPA tax guru friend Jim Buttonow told me “If a taxpayer is in an installment agreement with the IRS, they can suspend payments through July 15th. For the over 1 million taxpayers who have their payment directly debited … Read more

Am I Eligible for a Second IRS Payment Plan? – Deb

Question: Dear Steve, While doing my 2012 taxes in 2013, I found I owed the IRS $5,500 more than I thought I did. It had to do with my retirement and taking a partial lump sum out AND not having the teacher retirement service remove enough. Ouch! I filed my taxes but could not pay. … Read more

Help! I Don’t Have Enough Money to Pay My Taxes

About three-quarters of taxpayers receive a refund, according to 2014 data from the Internal Revenue Service. If you’re among the roughly 27% whose returns are processed and you owe money, you have an important question to answer: How will you pay? Perhaps more important: Can you afford to pay? If you have the cash on … Read more

If You Thought the Recession Was Bad, Wait Till You See The Tax Problems Many Will Have as a Result

Jim Buttonnow from sent me over the following article to post in an attempt to warn consumers of the looming tax problems to come as a result of living through tough times. He raises some very important points and issues that will undoubtably catch consumers and land them in trouble with the IRS. This … Read more