My Ex-Husband Passed Away and I Need to Find His ITIN

Question: Dear Steve, My husband passed away a few years after an amicable divorce. IRS would like me to check on my survivor benefits before claiming my own but can’t find a trace of his ITIN. IRS no longer has the records, INS wasn’t helpful, the previous employer no longer has his records, SSA says … Read more

I Lost My ITIN and Need to Get It to File My Taxes

Question: Dear Steve, I need to do my taxes and was giving an ITIN number. I don’t remember it by heart is there a way I can get it please? Estanislao Answer: Dear Estanislao, For those who don’t know, an ITIN is an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number that is a tax processing number for those … Read more

How Can I Find My Individual Taxpayer Identification Number? – Miriam

Dear Jim, When I was younger, my aunt got me an ITIN number from the IRS to claim me as a dependent on her taxes. Now that I’m an adult, is that ITIN number still valid? And if it is, how do I find out what the number was? Thank you. Miriam Hi Miriam: To … Read more