Beyond Finance Mailer Leaves Me Wondering Why Companies Worry About Compliance

Poor Dad sent in this mailer he received from Beyond Finance. I’ve written in the past about this Beyond Finance mailer sent in by another reader. In that review, I was critical that the offer seemed to hide behind what looked like a personal loan offer. In that previous post I congratulated Beyond Finance for …

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Beyond Debt Solutions Mailer Reviewed

A reader sent in a Beyond Debt Solutions mailer through my I Buy Junk Mail program. The mailer does a better job than many I’ve seen that hide behind a personal loan offer and then consumers report being switched into a debt settlement product. In this case the mailer says, “Settle your debts for less …

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Credit Card Debt Mailer for S&N Debt Solutions Leads to Beyond Finance

I received the following mailer as part of my I Buy Junk Mail program. People with credit card debt are apparently being targeted with this mailer that contains a fake credit card in it. S&N Debt Solutions, who also identifies themselves in the mailer as the S&N Financial Solutions Consolidation Alternative, has sent this mailer …

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