Tax Refund Check Cashing Scheme Hits Southern Florida

As tax season rolls around it’s no surprise to see tax refund check cashing schemes arising in the news. Announced Monday was the filing of a criminal Information charging defendants Wilson Lau, and his wife, Kate Yuee Lau, for their participation in a check cashing scheme involving more than $5 million in fraudulently obtained tax …

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Jackson Hewitt Tax Services Sheds Overhead. Files for Bankruptcy Protection.

Bankruptcy happens to a lot of people. Corporations use it as a smart move in tough times. Today, Jackson Hewitt, the second largest tax preparation company, filed for bankruptcy protection. The largest credit, Bayside Capital, is expected to take over the company. Unsecured creditors should have no funds available for distribution but the company expects …

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Oh, Jackson Hewitt, What a Ponzi Mess

It is being reported today that Jackson Hewitt Tax Services is being sued for selling a franchise to a felon who then roped consumers into a Ponzi scheme and took their money. The felon named his franchise Simple Financial Solutions, and apparently, simple it was. Jackson Hewitt negligently hired Daniel L. Prewett, who’d pleaded guilty …

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