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In the Military, Out of the Country, Divorced and Deep in Debt. – Jamal

Ready to Collapse

“Dear Steve, I’m in the military serving overseas and have served 13 years. I recently divorced less than a year ago and I have a mountain of bills and debt. I tried to manage my money wisely but I’m in over my head. Please help! How can I get a debt consolidation loan to when my credit isnt in good ... Read More »

    I’m an Active Duty Army Mother of Three, Deployed and in Debt. – Amanda

    Ready to Collapse

    “Dear Steve, I am active duty Army deployed single mother of 3. While I was in basic my spouse maxed my credit cards and took all my belongings. I am now deployed trying to settle my divorce and take care of my children on my own. The credit that was maxed just continues to grow because of the interest and ... Read More »

      Can a JAG Lawyer Help Me Clean Up My Credit Report? – Nathan

      Ready to Collapse

      “Dear Steve, I have multiple accounts on my credit that are in outstanding order. However, I also have 4 derogatory accounts that have brought my credit down quite considerably. Since a civilian lawyer can help by sending letters to credit companies and the business itself to dispute or investigate further (for usually a large fee), can JAG do the same ... Read More »

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