I Had an Account With CPC and Omni Management Partners But Getting Sued

I Had an Account With CPC and Omni Management Partners But Getting Sued

Question: Dear Steve, I used to have an account with CPC, and it was switched over in 2015 to Omni Management Partners. I just received a summons, and I called the Plaintiff on the summons, and they told me there was no information they could give me and that it had to be done through … Read more

The Wife of Jeremy Marcus Loses Appeal and Commission

Amanda Finley tried her best to keep her real estate commission from selling her husband, Jeremy Marcus, a Florida home, but there is a catch. Jeremy Marcus was the person behind 321 Loans and 321Financial that imploded after the Federal Trade Commission went after them for defrauding consumers. Finley was arguing that the real estate … Read more

FTC Sends More Than $16 Million in Refunds to Victims of Bogus Debt Relief Operation

The Federal Trade Commission is sending more than $16 million to individuals who lost money to a debt relief scam that targeted tens of thousands of consumers facing financial difficulty. The FTC and the Florida Office of the Attorney General alleged that a group of defendants known as Helping America Group got people to pay … Read more

321 Loans and Jeremy Marcus 4th Receiver Update

The debt relief group 321 Loans that was shuttered by the court has generated a 4th interim report by the Receiver. The update is below: EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. The Court appointed Jonathan E. Perlman Temporary Receiver on May 9, 2017, and Permanent Receiver on May 17, 2017, over a nationwide enterprise that used 85 entities, … Read more

Jeremy Marcus, Criag Smith, and Yisbet Segrea to Give Up All Material Assets in Debt Relief Scam Effort

Three marketers who allegedly sold phony debt relief services, including fake loans, have agreed to be banned from selling debt relief, credit repair and financial products and services, to be banned from telemarketing, and to turn over assets worth approximately $35 million dollars, under settlements with the Federal Trade Commission and the State of Florida. … Read more

Jeremy Marcus Looking for Job if You Are Interested

In response to the request of the court appointed receiver for Jeremy marcus to turn over his luxury BMW, Marcus says he needs it to look for a job. More specifically, court documents say, “Mr. Marcus turned over his family vehicle, a 2015 Range Rover, to the Receiver without the need for a contested motion. … Read more