Do I Have to Worry About My Debt? I’m Judgment Proof. – Salvatore

“Dear Steve, Hi Steve, I am up to my neck in credit card bills about $58,000. I have talked to a few of my friends about my situation I only have monthly Social Security and a small Federal Retirement check. Creditors and Collection companies are starting to Call I heard that my Federal Checks are … Read more

Can We Offer Creditors a Little Bit Each Month to Hold Them Off? – Paige

“Dear Steve, My husband is 67 and retired. He is on social security only but was working part time before he became ill. He is under a doctors care and will probably have to have surgery in a few months. He received a summons from a law firm representing Capital one credit cardthat for $5000. … Read more

What Does Judgment Proof Mean?

Q: What does it mean to be judgement proof, and how do I know if I am? Thank you. – Betty Reply from Great question Betty! Being judgment proof essentially means that you don’t own any property that could be seized or attached by creditors. If you were sued, the creditor or collector might … Read more

My Elderly Mother Just Got Sued by Citibank. I Think She’s Judgment Proof. – Kay

“Dear Steve, I asked a question a few months ago about my elderly mother’s sitation, I am her caregiver, (see link in background info of this form). Yesterday Friday 4.8 she was served with papers by Michael J. Scott representing Citibank and has 20 days to respond. My mother is judgement proof her only income … Read more

Collection Proof in the State of Georgia? – Bernard

No assets ,only Social Security,11 year old Car, home foreclosed,job outsourced,unemployed,Diabetes,Prostate Problems,Cataract,Pituitary Adenoma,Health Conditions,in seventies. Being sued for Credit card debt in court. What options do I have in getting rid of this problem. Am I judgement proof in State of Georgia Bernard This reader question was submitted for site members to answer. This is … Read more

I Am the Caregiver for My Elderly Mother Who Owes Discover, Citi and Chase. – Kay

“Dear Steve, My elderly mother for whom I am caregiver and have power of attorney is in debt to three credit cards (Discover, Citi, Chase) and has a total income of $2,000 a month from social security and a pension, due to a combination of depleted savings, rising costs, and other expenses, etc. we can … Read more

Can I Be Sued and My Wages Garnished if I Make $70 a Week? – Karylan

Karylan “Dear Steve, I am 24 yrs old living at home with my mom and might be getting sued by capital one. I work at a grocery store about 8 hrs a week sometimes not even that. I have had no luck finding a stable job, i might have to quit the one i have … Read more