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I’m 82-Years-Old. Should I Even Repay My Debt?

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Question: Dear Steve, I use credit karma to check my credit which is 680 with Experian and 660 with TransUnion. Three years ago I did not have money to pay my credit cards and they were sent into the credit bureau. Not all to Experian. More to Trans union. I’m 82 years old on fixed income. I saw lawyers and ... Read More »

    Are My Retirement Funds Safe From Creditors?


    Q. I understand that in certain circumstances IRA and 401(k) money may be protected from a lawsuit. However, if a person is retired and has rolled over their ERISA plan to an account with a financial institution, are those funds still protected? A. Generally speaking, yes. The laws can vary by state. “Under federal law, pension plans such as a ... Read More »

      Can My Bank Account and Retirement Income Be Seized if I Can’t Pay a Debt?

      Mature woman confused

      “Dear Steve, I was sued by a law firm in the state I lived in for an unpaid debt. We went to court and there was an agreement for a monthly payment plan. Can the law firm freeze my bank account if I can’t pay the debt? I am on social security and have a civil service retirement. Frank” Dear ... Read More »

        Can I Be Sued For My Debt If I’m Disabled? – Remonica

        Smiling Disabled Senior Woman In Wheelchair

        “Dear Steve, I was working pay my credit card bill then I got sick and wasn’t able to go back to work now I get disability and now they have taken me to court. I was wondering if they could garnish my check. Remonica” Dear Remonica, I am not a lawyer and can’t give you legal advice. You would need ... Read More »

          Do I Have to Worry About My Debt? I’m Judgment Proof. – Salvatore


          “Dear Steve, Hi Steve, I am up to my neck in credit card bills about $58,000. I have talked to a few of my friends about my situation I only have monthly Social Security and a small Federal Retirement check. Creditors and Collection companies are starting to Call I heard that my Federal Checks are Income protected against any Garnishment ... Read More »

            Can We Offer Creditors a Little Bit Each Month to Hold Them Off? – Paige

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            “Dear Steve, My husband is 67 and retired. He is on social security only but was working part time before he became ill. He is under a doctors care and will probably have to have surgery in a few months. He received a summons from a law firm representing Capital one credit cardthat for $5000. He is due in court ... Read More »

              I’m Judgment Proof But They Keep Trying to Sue Me. – Anita

              closeup of a gavel on cash, from above

              “Dear Steve, went judgement proof in 2008, haven’t had no problems till lately. within the month a process server came to serve legal papers but I am in a wheelchair and did not get to door before he left he will be back….in 2009 i reicieved a default judgement in the mail, now they are comingto my home. I am ... Read More »

                I am disabiled am I judgement proof – Jeff

                Ready to Collapse

                Hi I have worked every day of my life I am 48 every thing was going great till one day at work I fell 20 foot and messed up my low back I had been paying my credit cars on time and extra but when the accident happened I had surgery and I ended up in bad shape.I am totally ... Read More »

                  What Does Judgment Proof Mean?

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                  Q: What does it mean to be judgement proof, and how do I know if I am? Thank you. – Betty Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com: Great question Betty! Being judgment proof essentially means that you don’t own any property that could be seized or attached by creditors. If you were sued, the creditor or collector might successfully get a judgment against ... Read More »

                    I’m 69 And Lost My Job But I Want to Pay My Debts. – Chuck

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                    Chuck “Dear Steve, I am 69. lost my job of 15 years 6 months ago. Am on SS and work odd jobs when I can. Have 56,000 credit card debt, Was ok while working but now am 6 months behind on large accounts, have been struggling to keep others current. I called credit repayment plan and was told I would ... Read More »

                      My Elderly Mother Just Got Sued by Citibank. I Think She’s Judgment Proof. – Kay

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                      “Dear Steve, I asked a question a few months ago about my elderly mother’s sitation, I am her caregiver, (see link in background info of this form). Yesterday Friday 4.8 she was served with papers by Michael J. Scott representing Citibank and has 20 days to respond. My mother is judgement proof her only income is social security and a ... Read More »

                        What is the Process to Become Judgment Proof? – Patricia

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                        I have already consulted a lawyer re filing bankruptcy, but he told me that because I receive nothing but a SS Disability Check, that I was judgement proof. However, he didn’t tell me if I am supposed to file this with the court, or just let the creditors figure it out for themselves? Surely, there is some form or process ... Read More »

                          Collection Proof in the State of Georgia? – Bernard

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                          No assets ,only Social Security,11 year old Car, home foreclosed,job outsourced,unemployed,Diabetes,Prostate Problems,Cataract,Pituitary Adenoma,Health Conditions,in seventies. Being sued for Credit card debt in court. What options do I have in getting rid of this problem. Am I judgement proof in State of Georgia Bernard It’s time to put debt behind you and start dreaming about your life after debt. – Click ... Read More »

                            I Am the Caregiver for My Elderly Mother Who Owes Discover, Citi and Chase. – Kay

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                            “Dear Steve, My elderly mother for whom I am caregiver and have power of attorney is in debt to three credit cards (Discover, Citi, Chase) and has a total income of $2,000 a month from social security and a pension, due to a combination of depleted savings, rising costs, and other expenses, etc. we can no longer meet minimum payments ... Read More »

                              Can I Be Sued and My Wages Garnished if I Make $70 a Week? – Karylan

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                              Karylan “Dear Steve, I am 24 yrs old living at home with my mom and might be getting sued by capital one. I work at a grocery store about 8 hrs a week sometimes not even that. I have had no luck finding a stable job, i might have to quit the one i have becuase i don’t have a ... Read More »

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