I Was Told I Was Judgment Proof. – Cynthia

“Dear Steve, I have been told I am “Judgement proof”…I am trying to find information that would give me a scenario of what the process is/does. I have just recently begun non-payment to creditors.. Is this a long process? and would filing a Chp 7 make it simpler? Cynthia” Dear Cynthia, Judgment proof is actually … Read more

Bankruptcy Attorney Said I’m Judgment Proof and Should Not Bother With Bankruptcy. – John

“Dear Steve, I have $39,000 in credit card and unsecured loan debt due to becoming disabled with Parkinson’s in 2007. Unfortunately, I used credit lines to make ends meet, and now I am at the point of no return. Of the $39,000, $30,000 is to 2 companies (HSBC and Chase). One will not work with … Read more

I’m Worried About Having My Social Security Benefits Garnished. – Lisa

“Dear Steve, Hello, I found your website online by doing a search on Google. I truly hope you can help me. My question relates to a debt (one of many) that I can’t pay. Around the first week of Jan. 2010, I was served with papers for a credit card debt. It is an account … Read more

I’m a Low Income Single Mother With a Disabled Son and Collectors are Chasing Me. – Milla

Milla “Dear Steve, I had a car that was repossed around 2005. The car was sold but the creditors are coming after me saying I have to pay around 7,00 with interest of $43 monthly. They had the sheriff come to my home with some court papers. I also had to fill out some papers … Read more

Crystal is on a Fixed Income But Wants to Get Her Credit Cards Paid

“Dear Steve, I am currently on fixed income of about $657 amonth. My income comes from SSI and Social Security disability. I have a couple school loans and several past medical and credit card bills that I want to get paid off. Tell me what I can do to get my credit cards and all … Read more