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Where Do I Put My Judgment in Line For My Debt Snowball? – Bret

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In 2006 ,I went to work for a guy that wound up being a con artistTo make a long story short at the beginning of 2007,Ilooked up and found myself with $230 K in debt and no income.everything in 2007 went wrong and it wasnt until 2008 that I began reestablishing an income. I have since paid off all installment ... Read More »

    I Have a Lot of Credit Card Debt, a Repossession and a Judgment. – Eric

    “Dear Mitch, I have a lot of old credit card debt. Recently I had a repossession go to judgment in which I received a letter in the mail. I contacted the law firm but was not left felling comfortable.. They answered the phone by just saying “law office” , the person I spoke to seemed completely uniformed of anything. I ... Read More »

      I Have an Old Judgment Against Me That Has Come Back Up. – James

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      “Dear Steve, I have a judgement against me from a credit card . I had considered bankruptcy at the time but never did. One credit company sued me and won a default judgement. For 10 years nothing happened, then it was bought by junk debt buyers and they renewed it. I live in Texas and it can be renewed . ... Read More »

        What Does Judgment Proof Mean?

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        Q: What does it mean to be judgement proof, and how do I know if I am? Thank you. – Betty Reply from DebtCollectionAnswers.com: Great question Betty! Being judgment proof essentially means that you don’t own any property that could be seized or attached by creditors. If you were sued, the creditor or collector might successfully get a judgment against ... Read More »

          I Live on Social Security and a Small Pension and Can Barely Make It.

          “Dear Damon, I live in california and i am retired and only income i receive is social security and a small pension from a job i worked at many many years ago I have two credit cards. each have a balance of $2000.00, total of about $4000.00. i have not missed a payment or been late with a payment. at ... Read More »

            The Credit Card Company Levied My Bank Account and Took My Student Loan Money. – Lauren

            “Dear Michael, I had a bad debit with a credit card company and it went to third party collections. A judgement was issued against me. I was on unemployment benefits at the time of the judgement, as well as going to school full time. I did not have the means to pay the debt. My bank account was garnished in ... Read More »

              My Son Just Got Garnished for a Really Old Debt. – Bill

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              “Dear Steve, My son, who has always resided in Florida, had a GM credit card that was revoked in February, 1997. At some point, GM purportedly assigned their claim to Household Finance Corporation. Either GM or a purported assignee filed a collection action in 1998. My son was never served. They got a judgment (I assume the judgment was dated ... Read More »

                We Just Got Hit With a Judgment for a 12 Year Old Debt in Florida. – Bill

                “Dear Michael, Assignee of credit card issuer got judgment against my son in 1998 and recorded it in July 1998. Nothing happened for over ten years. In 2010 they filed a motion to garnish his pay, which was the first he knew of the judgment. I believe they were required to renew the judgment after five or seven years, which ... Read More »

                  I Have a Judgment Against Me by My Old Lawyer. But He Committed Suicide. Now How Do I Get Rid of This? – Rosemary

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                  “Dear Steve, In Jan, 2005 went to lawyer to contest a divorce. No written contract. Charged me $2,500. I paid cash; got no receipt. Finally divorced in Jan 2007 after lawyer made many mistakes. Went on with my life. Then late 2010, got served w/ lawsuit for $5000 more from lawyer. Did not personally sue me; sued through his “corporation” ... Read More »

                    My Business Account Was Levied by a Judgment From Six Years Ago. – Jennifer

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                    Single mom who has been working very hard to correct and improve my credit since a divorce in 2001. I just opened a salon last year and can finally breath financially. I lived in NY until 2004 now I live in Florida. my business account was levied by a judgement in Watertown ny from 2005. I was nailed and mailed ... Read More »

                      Old Judgment and New Order to Appear for Examination. – Blondie

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                      In 1996 I was diagnosed with terminal cancer and lost my job. Told my landlord I did not want a 3 day notice to pay or quit. Was waiting on some money but wasn’t sure if it would arrive in time to pay rent. They told me to move and I did so in 3 days. They said they would ... Read More »

                        Can They Collect on a 20 Year Old California Judgment? – Dee

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                        i just found out i have a court judgement from 1980s for $400 on credit card, i was never served. Now they are trying to take $9000+ out of my checking account. This is in CA. I thought CA had 4 year term for written contracts, how can they excercise a judgement beyond the statute of limitations and what should ... Read More »

                          We Are Trying to Buy a House But a Judgment Appears. – Amy

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                          Trying to buy a house but a debt shows up with title company and not on our credit report. My husband and I am trying to buy a house we went through the pre-approval process and made and offer and it was accepted. Then we received the preliminary report from the title company and they show a judgment on my ... Read More »

                            I Spent The Morning in Court Watching Debtors Lose


                            This morning I spent time sitting in the local courthouse watching debtors go up against creditors in judgment cases. All the debtors lost and judgments were granted to the creditors. One judgment from 2000 was renewed for another term. The first case I watched was that of a guy with a copier purchase or lease. Since the copier was in ... Read More »

                              Will I Go to Jail Because of My Debts? – Pam

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                              “Dear Steve, I am currently going through a divorce. We have put out house on the market and hoping it sells. We have plenty of equity in the house and are planning on using this equity to pay off credit card debt of about 40,000. I was enrolled in a debt settlement company for the last year but the payments ... Read More »

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