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I’m in a Bind and Need a Recommendation for Legitimate and Reputable Debt Help. – Mike

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“Dear Steve, I am in a bind. I have about 65,000 in credit card debt and house is worth 200,000. I owe $200,000 on the house and about $250,000 in student loans. I make about $150,000 per year. I have about $10,000 in medical bills alone. I cosigned on the student loans for my daughter. She has been out of ... Read More »

    I Think I Did Everything Right, But I Still Seem to be in Debt! – Bel

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    I have one single credit card, which I’ve had since 1998. When I went to debt counciling and we looked at all my sorces of debt, it was recommened that I consolodate everything (including school loans, travel exspenses, etc) on to my credit card because it had the lowest interest rate (about 6.5%). This worked well because my minimum monthly ... Read More »

      I Always Heard Not to File Bankruptcy. Now I Wish I Had. – Kathy

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      “Dear Steve, I owe 2008 taxes & I’m not paying in enough this year. I need every penny of my take home pay and more to live. A few years ago I took out a “mortgage based loan” to pay around $20,000 credit card debt. I have always heard “not” to file bankruptcy–I wish I had now! RECAP: In 2001 ... Read More »

        Clinton Wants to Know “Am I Doing The Right Thing By Repaying My Debt?”

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        Clinton “Dear Steve, I am receiving social security disability insurance (SSDI) and got abandoned with a mortgage back in 2007 that went into foreclosure. I know I can’t get the foreclosure removed but I have been diligently trying to pay off all of my outstanding debt, charge-offs and the ones that report a zero balance but the collection agencies keep ... Read More »

          I’m a Young Single Mother, Buried in Debt and Student Loans. What Do I Do? – Lea

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          “Dear Steve, 25 year old single mom, about $12,000 in consumer debt. also with about $60,000 in student loans. as is the usual story, i started using credit cards while i was in college and spent more than i earned. i had an unplanned pregnancy about a year and a half ago, right after starting a new job. with very ... Read More »

            My Wife and I Are Both Maxed Out on Credit Cards. Where Can We Go? – Alvaro

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            “Dear Steve, I have four credit cards that are pretty much maxed out for a total of approximately $18,000 and my wife has three credit cards for a total of about the same amount. This debt is not including the taxes we owe and car payment. Can you please suggest a place to go for assistance on how to pay ... Read More »

              Barely Getting By… What Do I Do? Jennifer

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              “Dear Steve, I went through a traumatizing divorce and got a lump sum with which I paid down all the credit cards. I had to live on them for a while. I have 2 small kids that are sick alot and one is ADD/ Dyslexic so I am not able to work a full time job. I was working for ... Read More »

                I Can Never Get Ahead. – Chad

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                “Dear Steve, Holding minimal credit card debt, maybe $3,000.00. Owe $8,000 in Medical/Dental debt. Owe $16,000.00 in student loans. Owe IRS roughly $15,000. My monthly bills are $800.00 in child support, $440 car payment, $770.00 rent, not even sure on credit cards maybe $400.00 and utils and insurance about $400.00. Expenses maybe $400.00 per month. Past C7 and C13, closed ... Read More »

                  I’m Just Getting By and Not Getting Ahead. – Tristan

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                  “Dear Steve, I recieved my first “pre approved credit card” at the age of 17. I didn’t think that someone under the age of 18 could have a credit card, but I guess I was wrong! Hey, I was working fulltime and making good money so what the heck! I did ok for awhile but I was SO responsible that ... Read More »

                    I Am in a Debt Management Plan With Only $100 a Month to Spare. – Lynn

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                    “Dear Steve, I have about 24000 in debt credit cards and loans. I was in a debt management plan about 5 months ago with a local company. I was off of work for a sort time. What I currently pay out now i have about $100 left each month to live on. If I decide to go with another company ... Read More »

                      I’m a Marine and Worried About Battling My Debt When I Get Out. – Crystal

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                      “Dear Steve, right now im about to get out of the marine corp in about a year i have not much job experience and getting a job is going to be hard i have a car right now that it about 400 dollars a month, im about a minimum month behind i have a credit card of just limit of ... Read More »

                        These Are Scary Times For Us. We Are Not Used to Money Problems. – Jennifer

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                        “Dear Steve, Hi Steve, I have been unemployed for a year and a half. My husband is in the construction industry (and while I probably don’t need to say more) he has been employed on and off again for almost a year. We are both currently unemployed. We have both always worked and have been fiscally responsible. We have excellent ... Read More »

                          Can I Remove Myself From My Wife’s Credit Cards? – Chris

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                          “Dear Steve, Can make minimum monthly payments, but they are $1800.00 per month. Not a lot left over after paying all other bills. Debt consolidation/relief: If most of our credit cards are in my wife’s name can I remove myself from them and have her get the debt relief. Therefore it affects her credit and not both of ours? Chris” ... Read More »

                            If Something Were to Happen We’d Be Screwed. – TinaMarie

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                            “Dear Steve, My husband and I are about 20,000 in debt. He had a kidney transplant 2 years ago, which put us in the hole and now we have to pay off his medical bills and even just to copays on his anti rejection drugs are killing us. We are barely keeping or heads above water. I was hoping you ... Read More »

                              We Have 10 Credit Cards With High Limits All Maxed Out. – Melissa

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                              “Dear Steve, We have 10 or so credit cards some with high limits all maxed out. Able to barley make minimum payments. Getting harder to keep up. We have 4 kids and are trying our best to keep up on debt. We have closed most of the cc. We had an idea of taking all our money that doesn’t go ... Read More »

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