KPA Group – Consumer Complaint – June 23, 2020

Consumer Statement: I paid the KPA Group $549 to help with my student loan garnishment. Initially, this was all set up without my knowledge! They accepted all my personal information from my ex-husband. They took all the payments from my credit card that my ex-husband authorized. I never received help or assistance. This company was … Read more

KPA Group – Consumer Complaint – August 21, 2019

Consumer Statement: I paid KPA Group $549 and now the phone number has a busy tone and their website says that they are permanently closed. They promised me that they would make sure that my loan payments were applied in the loan forgiveness program. I was recently told by the student loan servicing center that … Read more

Kensington Professional and Associates / KPA Group – Consumer Complaint – July 1, 2018

Consumer Statement: I was told my student loan would be forgiven and I’m still in forbearance collect interest. Consumer Action Taken: I have tried calling them and now they don’t pick up the phone they do not get in contact with me. Date This Problem Happened: January 10, 2017 State You Live in: California Race/Ethnicity: … Read more