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I’ve Been Duped By LHDR And Would Like to Be Included in a Class Action Case Against Them. – Melissa

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“Dear Steve, I have been duped by LHDR also and live in Arizona. I would like to be included in the class action suit. what is the best way to accomplish this? Melissa” The Answer Dear Melissa, I am not aware of a class action case brought against Legal Helpers Debt Resolution in Arizona. But that does not mean there ... Read More »

    Is Legal Helpers Debt Resolution a Legit Company? – Russ

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    “Dear Steve, I have been in a client relationship with Legal Helpers Debt Resolution for under a year and have been paying them fees to settle my debt. I’ve noticed that there is a class action law suit being filed against this company. Is this a legit company? Russ” The Answer Dear Russ, I’m going to let commenters share their ... Read More »

      Debt Relief Companies Targeted by Scott Law Group in Washington

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      In response to an article I posted yesterday here in which I mentioned Darrell Scott, Esq. said he was going after 16 settlement companies, a reader sent in the actual list of companies. The tipster (send in your tips here) said: “The Scott Law Group, P.S. is currently involved in debt settlement litigation involving the following companies:” Ascend One Corporation ... Read More »

        I Received Information From Legal Helpers Debt Resolution But Should I Move Forward? – Carla

        “Dear Michael, I have approximately $37k in credit card debt. I contacted Legal Helpers Debt Resolution after receiving information in the mail. I’m getting ready to move forward and sign an agreement with LHDS but I have been reading blogs on the internet that has made me question whether I should move forward. Can you recommend a debt settlement company? ... Read More »

          The Alleged LHDR Client Experience in Pictures

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          After listening to and reading about countless stories from unhappy former clients of Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, reviewing their contract myself, and observing the process they put their clients through, I have formed a personal opinion about the business model of Legal Helpers Debt Resolution and in past articles I have not been shy about my complaints. Judging from the ... Read More »

            Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Said They Could Help Me Save My House. – Michael

            “Dear Damon, Divorce and forced to pay 1700 a month in child support. Lost my job 10 months later. Out of work for almost 5 months. New job salary was significantly less than before. Took over a year to get child support adjusted while still trying to pay same bills. Fell behind on mortgage, property taxes, insurance. Filed chapter 13 ... Read More »

              I’ve Been Sued and Can’t Get In Touch With Legal Helpers Debt Resolution. – Carol

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              “Dear Steve, I have Legal helpers taking care of my credit cards, I have been paying almost $1000 a month towards my cards thinking that legal helpers are taking care of my credit cards. And yesterday morning I got served by citibank. I have been trying to get a hold of legal helpers for 2 days and I haven’t received ... Read More »

                I Got Half My Money Back From Legal Helpers Debt Resolution. – Levi

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                “Dear Steve, I did your process with letter of refund, got no reply from Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, did what you said to do. LGHers offered $1600. of refund that was a little less than half, turned it down at first, then decided to take offer. But Legal Helpers Debt Resolution would not take calls or talk to me . ... Read More »

                  I Am a Client of LHDR and Being Sued by Three Creditors. – TB

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                  “Dear Steve, I am a client of LHDR being sued by 3 creditors and I am scared to death that I have done something wrong. I have talked to the lawyer at LHDR and am following instructions but I have to represent myself with the summons and complaint process as they will not do that for me. I have called ... Read More »

                    Lawyer Accuses Legal Helpers Debt Resolution of Fee Splitting with Non-Attorneys and Committing Fraud

                    LHDR Grievance 1

                    For some reason I am suddenly getting flooded with information regarding Legal Helpers Debt Resolution. Here is what just arrived. A tipster (send in your tips here) forwarded me a copy of a recent filing by Geraci Law in Chicago, Illinois that has filed a grievance with the office of lawyer regulation in Wisconsin. The grievance is against William K. ... Read More »

                      Legal Helpers Debt Resolution Contract Review. Is This Really The Best Deal Possible?

                      A tipster (send in your tips here) sent in a copy of what appears to be an agreement between a consumer and Legal Helpers Debt Resolutions Services. – Source What follows are just my observations of some of the pages of this agreement. You may view the entire agreement here. Click on image for larger view. The budget looks especially ... Read More »

                        Have You Hear of Anyone Getting a Refund From Legal Helpers Debt Resolution? – Marty

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                        “Dear Steve, ]I had written a tip to you a few days ago about being behind with mortgage payment and enrolled in LHDR program only to get sued. Since then I have taken your advice and emailed Mr. Hyslip about obtaining a full refund for services not rendered, just to see if I would get a response from him. I ... Read More »

                          Former TASC Executive Director Says Legal Helpers Debt Resolution is Awesome and Will Stay the Course

                          Despite the growing number of lawsuits against Legal Helpers Debt Resolution they stand by their services. In a press release sent out recently they appear to believe the wave of recent lawsuits naming then is an unfair witch hunt, is political and profit-driven and damn the suits, it’s business as usual. “We are a law firm, the first truly national ... Read More »

                            I Was Enrolled With Legal Helpers Debt Resolution, Struggling to Pay My Mortgage and Sued by Almost All of Our Creditors

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                            “Dear Steve, I was enrolled with LDHR and found it difficult to pay the monthly payment and my mortgage since I had to pay $1,000 monthly for three months to start up. Before I eventually dropped out of the program and did not get a refund, my husband and I were sued by almost all of our creditors. After the ... Read More »

                              Should I Give Up on Legal Helpers Debt Resolution. I’ve Already Been Sued. – Steve

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                              “Dear Steve, I went into debt trying to keep my business afloat. I payed all my distributors and manufactures for three years as the economy slipped..I wanted to keep good relations with them and used credit cards to keep up when my expenses were more than my positive cash flow.. Long story short, my wife and I got sold by ... Read More »

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