How Do We Get an Old Lien That We Paid Cleared Against Our Home? – Julie

“Dear Steve, We recently applied to refinance hoping to get a lower rate. They thought they could save us about $600 to $700 a month on payments. We have 2 mortgages and about $75000 in credit card debt and my 15 year old car has been deemed illegal to drive, so I need to purchase … Read more

Bill Collectors Keep Calling About a Truck We Paid Off in 2003. – Stephanie

Stephanie “Dear Steve, My husband had bought a (used, but newer) truck a few years before we married (around’03?) He sold the car(truck) because full insurance with his driving history (at the time) made insurance and payment more than the rent payment. He knew he was “upside down” on the truck lien when he decided … Read more

The Banks Won’t Refinance the Investment Rental Properties I Bought Using Credit Cards. – Kyle

Kyle “Dear Steve, Quit my job to do real estate investing. Was doing well, but then banks changed lending laws and I couldn’t refinance the houses I had. I bought them using credit cards. I was able to sell one of them, but on top of living on my savings and no income, things depleted … Read more