People That Got Scammed by Robocall Debt Relief Company Life Management Services of Orange County to Get Money Back

The Federal Trade Commission and the Florida Attorney General are sending refunds totaling more than $540,000 to consumers nationwide who were defrauded by Life Management Services of Orange County, LLC, and related companies who tricked them into paying for worthless credit card interest rate reduction and debt elimination programs. The average check amount is $117. The FTC is …

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Court Orders Kevin Guice, Ringleader of Debt-Relief Scam, to Pay $23 Million and Mini Yacht

I’m always surprised when a court action comes out against a debt relief company owner that I had not really heard about before the FTC came out with its first notice. The mini yacht the scammer had to give up was named Tuff Life II. I’m not sure getting caught in a national scam actually …

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FTC Sues Bogus Debt Relief Telemarketing Operation

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has just filed a suit against Higher Goals Marketing, Sunshine Freedom Services, Brandun Anderson, Lea Brownell, Melissa Deese, Gerald Star Jr, Wayne Norris, and Travis Teel. The complaint states the operation and individuals since July 2016 have been operating a “telemarketing scheme that defrauds financially distressed consumers by selling them …

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