Money Does Not Always Bring Happiness. You Can Win and Lose.

Over the years, I’ve worked with several big lottery winners to help them overcome their subsequent money issues; all had a similar story; winning millions changed their lives but not always for the better. One client summed it up when she said, “Steve, this money will be gone in twenty years, and I’ll be someone … Read more

If You Think Money Buys Happiness, Watch This (VIDEO)

“Winning the lottery changed our lives for the worse,” says Jodie, whose husband, Edwin, hit a $ 25 million jackpot when he and 14 co-workers bought tickets in a pool. Since Edwin got his after-tax share of the winnings, Jodie says he’s acted like it’s only his money, and that their marriage has gone downhill … Read more

CONSUMER ALERT! Prepaid Cash Cards Lottery Scam Won’t End With the First Loss

Attorney General Lawrence Wasden today warned Idahoans that lottery and sweepstakes scams have taken on a new format that sounds safe, but isn’t, and can lead to continued financial losses. “These e-mail and telephone scams have been around for years, but now they’ve taken on a dangerous new twist involving prepaid cash cards,” Attorney General … Read more

I Never Would Have Thought That Winning Money Could Be Such a Burden On Me. – Jane

“Dear Steve, I have been reading your advice for awhile. You give wonderful advice. I am in extreme debt..75,000 and had a hugh loss of income when I lost my job. Although thankfully I am employed again, the income is far less then I had. Therefore I am unable to pay my debts. I finally … Read more

Jamaican Lottery Scam Cleaning Out Savings of Elderly People

Some elderly people have been pressurised into handing over their life savings to the operators of a lottery scam. The new Jamaican-based lottery scam has already seen some people in the UK lose several thousand pounds, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) said. Victims received phone calls from operators claiming to be lawyers, bank officials … Read more