Lost Job. Unemployment Expired. Living on Social Security. Can’t Pay Debts. – Gwen

“Dear Steve, Lost job. Depleted Unemployment payments. Living on Social Security only. Cannot pay all debts. I lost my job of 14yrs in 2010. I have depleted all my unemployment and only have Social Security as an income. I am 71 yrs old and cannot find another job. I have $43.000.00 in credit card bills … Read more

How Can I File Bankruptcy When I Can’t Afford It? – Cheryl

“Dear Lewis, Tapped out by a conman. More than 18,000 in credit card debts. No money left. Legal aide offices in my state have closed due to budget cuts. Need to file chapter 7. I have my session for credit counseling, and may be possible to get the court filing fees waived. Would like to … Read more