I’m 70 Years Old and Searching for Low Income Housing. – Dave

“Dear Steve, I find myself burried in debt. While caring for 3 years for another who had Alzheimers, I ignored my own financial hole I was digging. After being thrown out of where I was living — no financial issues just a very mean spirited roommate … I wandered the California coast looking for low …

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I Have a Second Mortgage I Don’t Have to Pay Back Now But I’m Underwater. – Krystle

“Dear Steve, I’m a 23 year old single woman. I am currently paying a mortgage on a deed restricted condominium that I purchased in 2006. I bought the unit for $300,000. $100,000 was financed through a lender and $200,000 was given to me as a down payment assistance through a local low income housing project. …

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We Live in Section 8 Low Income Housing and Want to Buy a House. – Patrice

Patrice “Dear Steve, We live in a section 8 home and have five kids and with a partner we are going to get married and want to buy a home. My credit is messed up by 9000 dollars and his credit is messed up a little bit or he doesn’t have enough credit history. So …

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