I’d Like to Freeze My Debt And Lower My Interest Rates. – Cindy

“Dear Steve, My husband & I currently owe about $15,000 in credit cards. We have been paying on these for the last 10 years only to find ourselves with higher balances, due to late payments and high interest. Is there anyway to freeze the principal and lower the interest rates, so we can make some …

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I Supported Someone for Three Years That Completely Drained Me. – Jessica

“Dear Steve, I am currently about 15,000.00 in credit card debt and 2500.00 in student loan debt. I have come across many difficult troubles in the past 5 years and i also supported someone for 3 years that completely drained me. I am currently working three jobs just so i can get by and pay …

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Is There a Debt Management Program For Folks Who Are Not Currently Behind? – John

“Dear Steve, Between medical bills, my son’s college tuition, and just plain being stupid, my credit card debt has just gotten out of control. I’m not having any problem making minimum payments right now, but I see that changing in the coming months. We bought a house last September and as soon as the mortgage …

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