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How Can I Lower My Capital One Credit Card Interest Rate? – Kelly

“Dear Michael, I’m 49 and married. Credit card is with Capitol One and I’ve had it for at least 6 years. No late payments. I don’t remember what my interest rate used to be, I think around 18%, but they raised it a couple of years ago to 24%! A few months ago my limit was raised from $3000 to ... Read More »

    Do I Need a Really Good Sob Story to Get My Creditors to Lower My Interest Rates? – Laurie

    “Dear Damon, I have Lots of valid credit card debt. Is there a safe, do it yourself way to reduce the percentages on credit cards? Is calling and asking for reduced APRs doable… you need a sob story? Laurie” Hello Laurie, That depends on your definition of safe. You can certainly call your creditors and yes, give them the best ... Read More »

      58 Years Old, Good Job, Want Out of Debt in Five Years. What Should I Do? – Ricahrd

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      “Dear Steve, I am 58 years old, married with one grown child (married and out of the household). I am employed and my wife is as well. I have a very stable position that compensates me approx. $135,000 year and I also receive a retirement annuity in the amount of $15,000/year. My wife works part time at an annual income ... Read More »

        Converting 8.9% Variable Credit Card to 3.4% Variable Equity is Bad Deal. George

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        “Dear Steve, I have $22K in credit card debt(on one card) with an 8.99% variable rate. Minimum payment is about $450/month. I have recently began to pay more than the minimum(last month i paid $1000) since I would love to pay this off or at least bring it down so my minimum payment isnt so high. I recently received a ... Read More »

          How to Get All the Cheap Credit You Want

          Interest Cost to Pay Off Various Credit Card Balances

          Today, the average person pays between 16 and 17 percent on credit card balances. While interest charges may seem low when you look at the monthly charge on your statement, over the long run they can really add up. In fact, the average person can put a hundred bucks or more in his or her wallet just by getting a ... Read More »

            Bank of America is Charging Me 27% on My Credit Card. – Melinda

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            Melinda “Dear Steve, I made late payments a couple of times on my Bank of America Visa card. Now my interest is at 27% on $11,000.00. I cannot afford the payment minmum that they require. Should I try to talk them into lowering my interest rate back to a something more reasonable? Does that usually work? Melinda”   Dear Melinda, ... Read More »

              Where Can I Go to Payoff My Credit Card With a Cheap Loan? – Sarah

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              “Dear Steve, I have completely paid off my minor credit cards. My visa, with a close to $8,000 balance remains. My interest rate is so high, it seems my payments aren’t moving the balance at all. I want to do a balance transfer to a lower interest rate, but I do not know where I should go for that. My ... Read More »

                I Want to Consolidate My Credit Card Debt at a Good Interest Rate. – Roy

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                Roy “Dear Steve, Trying to consolidate debt. seems there is no real help unless you default im trying to get help before I get to that point. just want a fair deal…looking for 9 to 11 % interest rate for roughly 25,000 total debt( not including 20,000 left on two car payments) I make a good salary now but it ... Read More »

                  I Have Three Credit Cards With Rates Around 25%. How Can I Get Out of Debt? – Bill

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                  “Dear Steve, I have over 13k in credit card debt with 3 cards, my rate on all 3 is around 25% How can I lower the rate. I have a steady job so far, my wife doesn’t, she is self employed. we have 2 car pmt and a mtg payment How can I lower the rate? Is it possible to ... Read More »

                    I Just Got My Job Back, and I Am Playing Catch Up on My Bills. – Nicole

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                    “Dear Steve, I just got my job back, and I am playing catch up on my bills. Between my husband and I, we have about $2800 in credit card debt. I tried calling to get my interest rate lowered, but all they said was when an offer comes aound that you qualify for, then we will lower your apr. I ... Read More »

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