Macy Hanson Loses Against National Legal Staffing and Resolvly

I’ve written in the past about cases against National Legal Staffing Support and Resolvly\ filed by Mississippi attorney Macy Hanson. Attorney Hanson appears to have come up on the short end in a case filed by National Legal Staffing Support and Resolvly against him. The case filed in Florida surrounded actions described in the Summary …

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Student Loan Assistance Programs Have Case Dismissed

Cases tossed out against Benjamin Zuckerman, Berger Singerman, Chantel L. Grant, GM Law Firm, Gregory Fishman, Julie Queler, Kevin Mason, National Legal Staffing Support. The cases involving the student loan assistance companies above were dismissed by the Court ending a previous flurry of suits attempting to recover money for consumers. The reason why it appears …

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Can There Ever Be Any Winners in These Debt Relief Lawsuits?

I’ve seen a lot of unfortunate situations in the debt relief space. I’ve written about many, but the problem between the Plaintiffs and Defendants and the mutual attorneys in one particular situation seems to be spiraling to a new level I’ve not seen before. No End in Sight Not long ago I wrote Student Loan …

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