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Can I Accept Responsibility and Pay Off My Debts Without My Husband’s Assistance? – Debt

Ready to Collapse

I am 47 years old with credit card debts totally about 15K and Student Loans in excess of 30K. I married my husband 2 years ago in order to provide health insurance for him and his son due to employment changes. Shortly after our marriage, my employer decided to close the doors where I was working – leaving me with ... Read More »

    We Spend $1,000 More Per Month Than We Earn. – Tracey

    Ready to Collapse

    Tracey “Dear Steve, We have 3 credit cards with balances of 20,000 each, an equity loan 40,000, & mortgage 220,000. We make fairly decent money but I’ve been keeping track and we spend 1,000 over our checks each month. I’ve narrowed it down to shopping, cigs..grr, groceries, & dining out. I keep track weekly but by the end of the ... Read More »

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