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My Credit Score Dropped and I Want to Get Out of Debt. – Renee

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“Dear Steve, I obtained my 1st credit card 1 month after my 18th birthday.. that was 10 years ago and now I have 7. I have consoldated my cards with my credit union before, but due to lay off and emergencies, they are charged back up. I’m having a hard time keeping up with my payments. I used to have ... Read More »

My Husband Lost His Job at Age 62 and We Have a Lot of Debt. – Yolanda

“Dear Lewis, My husband lost his job 1 1/2 years ago. Age 62, we have alot of debt. Have been working real hard a keeping our home and car, but we have high credit card debt and unsecured debt. we have retirement income but is not enough to pay everything. What do we do. How can you be sure that ... Read More »

We Make Good Money But Just Don’t Have Any Extra at the End of the Month. – Shon

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“Dear Steve, We make good money but just don’t have any extra at the end of each month. we have about 25,000.00 in credit card debt. some left over for years some we paid off and then recharged fixing up our house. We filed bankruptcy about 7 years ago and never want to do that again. Guess we didnt learn ... Read More »

My 90 Year Old Mother Lives With Me. I’m a Single Woman on a Single Income. – Kathy

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“Dear Steve, I am a single lady with a single income. My 90 year old mother lives with me and I have found myself in over my head in CC debt accured over the past 3 years. Because of several different medical issues and necessary travel for work and church during this time I started using my CC and have ... Read More »

My Husband is a US Marine Corp Sargent. We Can’t Make Ends Meet. – Rose

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“Dear Steve, My husband is a Sargent in the US Marine Corp. Just after he got home from Iraq and before we got married he purchased a house for us. Because he had orders saying we would be in that area for three years not even three mounth after he got home and closed on the house he gets new ... Read More »

I Have to Use Credit Cards to Pay for Groceries and Gas. – Susan

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“Dear Steve, I was working full time (as was my husband) when we purchased our home 10 years ago (May, 2001). We refinanced to a 20-year 5.5% mortgage 7 years ago (Jan, 2004). I had a child in January 2004 and never returned to full time work b/c of my childs medical situation. I can’t catch up. I use credit ... Read More »

We Have to Use the Credit Cards for Food and Gas. We Don’t Want to File Bankruptcy. – Linda

“Dear Damon, My husband and I got into credit card debt right out of college. We started off making about 50K per year, and have built our way up to 100K per year. I am a teacher and he works in food production. We relied on credit way too heavily our first 10 years of marriage, bought a house we ... Read More »

My Husband Has a Big Pay Cut and Now We Are Having Problems Making Ends Meet. – Beth

Beth Budget

“Dear Steve, My husband and I are having difficulty making ends meet due to my husband taking a cut in pay and losing a huge amount of overtime which had been a part of his job before. We have a mortgage and about $40K in debt between credit cards and my car. Luckily we own his car. Without my car ... Read More »

The Past Few Years Has Been Very Difficult. I’m Living on Borrowed Money. – John

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“Dear Steve, I’m self-employed and have been so since graduating college back in 1997. I operate an online business, selling ads on websites that I build. Some years ago I was making good money, but the past few years have been really quite difficult to say the least. Living on borrowed money and living beyond my means to some extent ... Read More »

What to Do When You Can’t Make Ends Meet or How to Stop Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

By the time you make ends meet they move the ends. Winter tire and service.

It’s unfortunate that at times the monthly financial demand exceeds the money coming in. On an occasional basis and with some money tucked away in a savings account or emergency fund these unexpected events can be less than a blip in our lives. But when continued demand exceeds our financial supply or when we have no reserves to tap in ... Read More »

I’m Stuck In The Middle Of My Debt And Don’t Know Where to Turn. – Susan

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“Dear Steve, I am a working, single parent who owns a home (well, me and the bank). I am not behind in anything YET. I owe $147k on the home, it’s currently worth about $110k, so, no equity. A few months ago my company downsized. I kept my job by accepting a 10% pay reduction and taking on more responsibility ... Read More »

We Are in Debt. My Husband Doesn’t Want to Do Anything to Hurt Our Credit. – Joy

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“Dear Steve, we are about $25,000 in credit card debt. My husband does not want to do anything that will hurt our credit. I on the other hand don’t know how to not ask. I see no end in sight. We have three children. One of which was born two months early and was in hospital for a while, she ... Read More »

I Got a Call From United Referral Group to Negotiate My Debt. What Do You Think? – Nettle

United Referral Group

“Dear Steve, When I met my husband he was so in debt and after 20 years I managed to achieve an excellent credit rating. We had many credit cards with zero balances. When my son started his body shop we had no start up capital only the shop to work in and credit cards. The bank kept saying if he ... Read More »

I Always Knew Our Credit Card Debt Was Bad, But Not This Bad. – Rachel

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“Dear Steve, I always knew that my credit card debt was bad, but it wasn’t until the last month I realized how bad it is. I am married and have a little girl that is turning one. My husband is an electrician, but with that work he can be laid off at any minute and wasn’t working for 7 months ... Read More »

Which is the Best Way to Tackle Our Credit Card Debt? – Erica

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“Dear Steve, We have always had pretty good credit and always paid our bills on time. My parents had some hard times so when we didn’t have enough we used credit to help them get out of binds. Still we managed to pay all our bills on time. Then the economy took a dive and my husband went to 3-day ... Read More »

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