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I Don’t Even Know Where to Begin

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“Dear Steve, Hi, I’m a single parent of two, I have so much debt it feels like I’m drowning. I have a car note that I’m behind. I’ve been kicked out of my apartment. I have hospital bills, loans from companies to keep up, that didn’t help , but made it worst. I have bill collecters call day and night ... Read More »

    Debt Help for Marc & Julie – Video

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    Dear Marc & Julie, I saw your video and wanted to offer you some advice. My advice comes from the fact you have had sporadic employment and you have a child on the way in six months or so. For me the issue distills down to one primary question. Do you have a greater responsibility to repair the past or ... Read More »

      What Can I Do to Keep From Losing Everything?

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      “Dear Steve, I am a single mother of 3. I have a mortgage, a car payment and about 15,000 dollars of credit cards bills. I have recently taken a significant loss in income due to loss of a 2nd job and loss of childs support. I have some equity in my home which out weighs my credit card debt. I ... Read More »

        Our Expenses are High and So We Are in Debt. What Should We Do? – Scott

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        “Dear Steve, We have around $37,000 in credit card debit that is becoming unmanageable – day care is a high cost but we have no other choices for that. We don’t want to use our 401k or 403 B and have a mini van with lots of miles that will not last much longer. We’ve been looking at debt settlements ... Read More »

          We Are at the Point Where All We Can Do is Pay the Minimum Payment. – Robert

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          “Dear Steve, Well we are to the point where we are basically paying the minimum payment on everything, using credit cards for grocerys and gas to get to and from work. we cant refinance our house cause our value of our house really dropped and now we owe to much than what the house is worth. we are truthfully about ... Read More »

            We Are Using Our Credit Cards for Weekly Expenses. – Kim

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            “Dear Steve, We have a mortgage, equity loan and outstanding credit cards debt. We make our monthly payments but are left cash poor and end up using our credit cards for weekly living expenses. I am currently looking into ways of reducing our monthly expenses but I feel our REALLY HIGH credit card rates are what is killing us. We ... Read More »

              I’m Facing a Voluntary Repossession of My Vehicle Because I Can’t Make Ends Meet. – Tabitha

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              Tabitha “Dear Steve, Voluntary Repossession of Vehicle, Stll making payments and up to date but cannot aford full coverage insurance and payments plus payments on personal loan to fix vehicle that was a gift (cheaper to fix gift) My credit is already crap and I really need to get out from under a vehicle that we are paying for and ... Read More »

                My Mortgage Went Up and My Income Went Down. – Damarys

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                Damarys “Dear Steve, I am a single mother with 3 kids. I was doing okay going paycheck to paycheck. my mortgage went up and income went down. I now am having trouble payings bills. what to I neglect first. pay my mortgage, car payment and utilities and let my credit cards get behind. I am trying to work with credit ... Read More »

                  I’m a Marine and Worried About Battling My Debt When I Get Out. – Crystal

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                  “Dear Steve, right now im about to get out of the marine corp in about a year i have not much job experience and getting a job is going to be hard i have a car right now that it about 400 dollars a month, im about a minimum month behind i have a credit card of just limit of ... Read More »

                    Pam and Her Daughter Are Sleeping On The Floor

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                    “Dear Steve, I am a single mom, my daughter is 17 and trying to get a job, but even for her it’s hard. I have a couple of credits cards that I just can’t pay. My priorities are rent first, then car payment, utilities, then food, gas. I am still married but I can’t go to my husband for help, ... Read More »

                      I Feel Like I Just Threw a Bunch of Money Away. – Donnie

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                      “Dear Steve, I had written to you a while back but could not find my original so am writing again. i am struggling really hard, i went from having no credit cards until 1999 to having too many, never made a late pmt. but because i was no longer working, disabled, started getting credit cards to live on. in 03, ... Read More »

                        I Am Married to a Former Marine And Have Money Problems Indirectly Related to His Service. – Angela

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                        “Dear Steve, My name is Angie and I am 27 yrs old, a nurse and am getting married next year to the love of my life. My to be hubby is an ex-marine and had some difficulties since his honorable discharge from service. Long story short for mulitple reasons he has been out of work for almost a year and ... Read More »

                          My Mother Buried Three Kids on Credit. – Theresa

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                          “Dear Steve, My mother is being sued by Chase Bank. She’s 80 Jan. 2010, works full time 7.78hr-14 yrs. same employment dishwasher. Raised 5 kids, buried 3 on her credit. Did get small ssa from dead dad 1894-1965 (so he didn’t pay much in) No public asssistance i.e. food stamps, welfare. Just worked & payed bills her entire life. She ... Read More »

                            I Want to Get Out of Debt Without Ruining Our Credit. – Melissa

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                            “Dear Steve, With the economy in such turmoil, my husband who is self-employed has had close to no work for 6 months. I went back to work and that is helping, but our finanaces are a mess. We are living paycheck to paycheck and are barely able to make our monthly payments. We had already had credit card debt and ... Read More »

                              I Left an Abusive and Controlling Husband and Now I’m Drowning in Debt. – Lynn

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                              “Dear Steve, I left an abusive/ controlling husband a few years ago with literally not a penny to my name. Because of shady practices on my ex’s part and a lawyer who did not serve me well, I ended up $5000 in debt right from the start with legal bills and a poor settlement. In spite of working overtime as ... Read More »

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